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The LeadMD Tribe is made up of talented practice leaders, directors, consultants, designers, developers, data scientists and specialists.

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We defined most of the sales and marketing best practices that are driving revenue acceleration today.

JP Guenard

Senior Creative Developer

Disha Goyal

Developer & Designer

Jeremiah Ladd

Vice President of Engineering

Darvie Grim

Billing & Office Manager

JT Bricker

Chief Strategy Officer

Amandeep Kaur

Technical Project Manager

McKenzie Keefe

Solution Consultant

Anumeet Kaur

Salesforce Developer

Andrea Lechner-Becker, CMO

Andrea Lechner-Becker


Drew Smith

Director of Delivery

Natasha Ness

Vice President of Delivery

Tammera Petrick


Eric Smith

Director of Business Intelligence

Cassie Coke

Director of Delivery

Ian Michels

Marketing Associate

Rachel Miller

Marketing Consultant

Brian Wright

Senior Marketing Consultant

Michael Davis

Vice President of Customer Success

James Hasso

Marketing Coordinator

Joy Martinez

Senior Marketing Consultant


Justin Gray

Founder & CEO

Caleb Trecek

Vice President of Delivery

Kim Allen

Senior Marketing Consultant

Josh Wagner

Vice President of Sales

Beth Corby

Marketing Consultant

Stacy Smith

Senior Project Manager

Alice Walker LeadMD Marketemy Program Manager

Alice Walker

Marketemy Program Manager

Reed Clarke

Director of Sales

Katie Sillari

Senior Marketing Consultant

Becky Evans

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Molly Moroney

Marketing Associate

Avtar Singh

Senior Salesforce Developer

Katelyn Bruns

Project Manager

Jamie Kirmess

Vice President of Delivery