Deliver Better, More Engaging Content By Repurposing What You Have

Regardless of the industry, organizations grasp the value of content. As such, the demand for trusted, really good and well-thought-out content is at an all time high. But is the pressure to deliver an endless stream of blogs, videos, podcasts and so on cause for concern?

In a word—yeah. In a rush to provide value, marketers mistakenly believe the more content the better. But sometimes less is more, especially if you become an expert in repurposing the highly performing content you already have.

In this webinar featuring David Cunningham, Director of Demand Generation SnapApp, Daniel Sendecki, Director of Brand & Content Uberflip and Jamie Kirmess, Customer Success Director at LeadMD, you’ll learn about how to add an engaging spin to your content, how to repurpose content you already have so it reaches the right customers, and how to create fun experiences for your audience.

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