Don’t Cop Out. Build a Culture of Learning in Your Org Around Onboarding & Professional Development.

On-the-job training can be a real PITA.
But it doesn’t have to be.

As much as we all want to empower the best talent we can get with the best information we can provide, it sure seems like a lot of corners get cut when it comes to new hire training and professional development for existing team members. Why is that?

Cramming a load of onboarding content down a new hire’s throat is a great way to “get it over with,” but it’s about as effective as cramming for a test the night before. Retention is all but non-existent.

And, as busy as your existing team members might be, thinking they’re too busy for professional development is basically saying, “Our business doesn’t need to grow. Stagnation is fine with us.”

You invest heavily in educating prospective customers.
Do likewise for your people. Build a culture of learning.

And check out my latest Inc. column for deeper insights into on-the-job training.

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