Customer Loyalty Is Irreplaceable, Don’t Make These Mistakes!

February 5, 2018 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

The marketing world knows the value of keeping the customers we have, but if you’re a software provider, there’s a chance your churn rate is a little, well, disappointing. Before you start blaming your customer team or sales for this, go way back to where it all started for these customers: your marketing messages.

In a revenue-hungry effort, you might have made the implementation of your product sound more like a romantic getaway than the intense journey through a rugged jungle it really is. Set their expectations properly from that very first marketing message you push out, and then be just as open about how your company can help them get the results they need. You can be the truth-teller and the hero all in one fell swoop, but it all starts with honest messages.

Read my full article on this topic, and why it’s one of the biggest secrets to customer retention.

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