How to Cut Through the Noise with Account-Based Marketing

October 28, 2015 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

This article originally appeared at Open View Labs.

Everything old is new again. We’re used to getting hundreds of emails everyday. Marketers are focusing on getting as much people to see the message as possible, in the hope that the receptors will view it. Everyone had the same idea, and now inboxes are spammed with multiple messages that people briefly skim over, not read at all, or simply send to spam.

Why was email so popular with marketing before? Because it was something new. It interrupted the current methods. In this day and age, marketers need to personalize and target a few across multiple channels instead of thousands of randoms of who most won’t click on the link.

Trying to emulate an in-person interaction. Marketing automation is great, but getting to those few is the old and new trend.


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