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How LeadMD CEO Justin Gray Does Account Based Marketing

Despite the hype, account-based marketing is just really good marketing

Think about it: if you only had one prospect to market and sell to, you’d treat them with the same principles that are commonly used in account-based marketing.

OK, sounds easy. So what’s the hangup? Why aren’t more companies adopting this approach? Simple: there’s a lot of perceived scalability problems people assume they’ll run into.

Here’s where things get tricky: “account based marketing at scale” does sound a bit nonsensical. Isn’t account-based marketing supposed to be the opposite of the batch-and-blast marketing model?

Further, is it really a good idea—or even possible—to laser-focus on specific accounts, let alone individuals in those accounts? At grand scale?

This contradictory idea is the secret to ABM’s emergence as a revenue-packed strategy for B2B marketing. The blizzard of marketing technology that’s hit the scene over the past five years amps your ability to scale up the number of accounts targeted while still delivering personalized messaging.

How have we pulled this off? And, more importantly, how can you? Click here to read the full article at the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog.

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