Marketer-Turned-Magician: How Future Business Intelligence Tools Will Spin Guesswork into Gold

April 17, 2018 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

Marketing isn’t much without data and if you trace back anything essential to the practice of influencing buyers you’ll, at the core, unveil a fundamental reliance on data — accurate data.

Good luck segmenting a database, without data. Enjoy attempting to craft a message or design an ad, without data. Those converted ROI metrics and dreams of predictive campaign spend, you guessed it, they’re worthless, without data.

Without data marketing simply doesn’t make sense. And so, while sitting across from those marketers, professionals who are a part of one of the fastest growing professions in the modern business context, you may be surprised to learn that marketers uniformly agree on one thing.

Marketing has a serious data problem.

LeadMD Founder & CEO, Justin Gray goes deeper into the problems with marketing data in the MartechExec article, “Marketer-Turned-Magician: How Future Business Intelligence Tools Will Spin Guesswork into Gold.” Read the full article here.

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