Customer Obsession, Analytics & ABM Take Center Stage At Marketing Nation Summit

For marketing messages to stand out in today’s digital ecosystem, B2B teams must be fearless in how they formulate their strategies, budget for unique tactics and prove the projected ROI to senior leadership on their efforts. Those who can remain fearless through these challenges position their marketing teams to build a customer-obsessed brand that offers relevant and contextual experiences.

At this year’s Marketing Nation Summit, hosted by Marketo in San Francisco, industry experts fueled attendees with tips and best practices on how to become more insights-, customer- and account-driven in a B2B buying economy, focusing heavily on the relationships brands can build with prospective customers.

“Last year, we introduced the Engagement Economy, this notion that we’re in a hyper-connected world that is controlled, influenced and defined by our customers,” said Steve Lucas, CEO of Marketo, during his opening keynote. “The brand is now defined by the customer. We’re now at the tipping point.”

Lucas added that we now live in a new world where we’re curating the buyer’s experience years before anyone in sales knows they exist. And speakers throughout the event agreed that marketing teams must position themselves to curate an experience for their customers so they can make their purchase decision on their terms.

“It’s our responsibility as marketers to meet buyers on their journey,” said Lucas.

Read more standout topics from the 2018 Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit in this DemandGen Report article, “Customer Obsession, Analytics & ABM Take Center Stage At Marketing Nation Summit.” Read the full article here.

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