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Justin Gray

MarTech Mishaps: How to Actually Get Value from Your MarTech Investment

Justin Gray / October 25, 2018 / 0 Comments

Modern MarTech Fatigue

In his article, originally published on MarTech.zone, our CEO, Justin Gray, provides solutions for organization dealing with MarTech fatigue. “We invested in {insert MarTech here}, but aren’t seeing the return we were expecting.” We hear it all time. Perhaps you’ve even said something like it.

Justin explains the issue in the following way:

Marketing was going to take a seat at the revenue table by any means necessary – it was a battle cry. But when the years crept by and the ROI measures that were promised simply never came, those cries transformed into actual tears.

The Solution

Dry your tears and buckle up friends, because Justin isn’t just pointing to the issue, he has a plan to rectify it. In a nutshell, he says,

In order to succeed in marketing, and really succeed in business, you’ve got to give equal and intentional thought to the three components that govern that success: your strategy, your tech, and your tactics.

Although this concept might seem basic, or even no-brainer, in nature, just take a look at this screenshot from a recent study by PipelineMarketing.com, where an alarming number of marketing leaders still report not being aligned to the business’s broader goals. This insight drove our Chief Strategy Officer, JT Bricker, to write an article with actionable ways marketers can align their marketing strategy to corporate goals. Read it here. And get the full report from PipelineMarketing.com here: https://www.pipelinemarketing.com/

Marketing Leaders Not Aligning to Corp Strategy

Marketing Leaders Not Aligning to Corp Strategy

He digs into each area in the full article, which you can read here: https://martech.zone/the-martech-stack-problem/


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