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Andrea Lechner-Becker

Reimagining 21st Century Tech as Vintage Ads

Andrea Lechner-Becker / October 13, 2020 / 0 Comments

As long as businesses have existed, so too has marketing. And, as technology has expanded, we’ve grown from newsprint ads to online search ads, but the basic principles remain: eye-catching images paired with copy that people can relate to are the basis for a successful ad!

At LeadMD, we’re marketing enthusiasts, and to understand where the industry is going, we also have to know where it’s been. Which made us wonder: what would the world look like if our latest tech were advertised the same way products were in past decades? 

Fortunately, our team got creative and decided to find out! These are a few of our most technologically advanced products, and how we think they would have been advertised before the internet was a factor.

Roomba Reimagined as a Vintage Ad

Vacuums might have been a major technological advance for the 50s, but in true domestic form, the ads were targeted towards women. These days, the working woman has better things to do so we’ve reimagined the latest robot vacuum option as an ad in the 50s aesthetic with a focus on the modern working woman.

Nintendo Switch Reimagined as a Vintage Ad

Remember when Pong and Pac-man first came out?

Imagine people knowing then that as the 2020 pandemic swept the world, the Nintendo Switch would become a critical aspect of finding entertainment indoors to take up every ounce of free time! We gave a nod to the original video game “Pong”, of course.

iPhone  Reimagined as a Vintage Ad

We’ve all pulled out our phones and pretended to be looking at the news (or, more likely, Instagram) to avoid an awkward moment of eye contact. We’ve also all picked up our phone for a quick distraction and looked up 2 hours later… So don’t pretend you don’t relate to both the men in this ad: the one too engrossed in their phone to pay attention to the other person and the one trying (and failing) to get his attention!

Alexa  Reimagined as a Vintage Ad

We all drooled over Cher’s fancy closet setup, and anyone who had a digital closet in the 90s would definitely have an Alexa assistant handling her schedules, ordering her lattes, and keeping track of her parking tickets. 

3D Printers Reimagined as a Vintage Ad

The iconic 90s neon comes into play with tech’s new building blocks: the 3-D printer! Move over Legos, you can now print anything your heart desires, be it building blocks or an entire city. No new sets required. Create your own with the elevated version of the classic building blocks.

Instagram Reimagined as a Vintage Ad

Kodak had a classic look back in the day when pictures were on physical film and had to be taken to actually be (gasp) developed! This is how we imagine how they would have marketed Instagram with its facilitation of the fear of missing out and instantaneous posting powers. 

Marketing needs might change over time, but engagement is always the name of the game. It’s fun to think about how people would have approached marketing our modern tech with their now-vintage ads, especially with how quick and snappy our ads are these days compared to the longer, more story-oriented ads of the past. But these days, online content is key, and online content moves faster than newsprint or magazines. Still, it’s fun to think what a 50s housewife might have thought of the Roomba! 

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