3 Ways to Track the True Value, Not Just Return on Investment, of Your Content Marketing

January 14, 2016 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

Content marketing, it’s everywhere.

The typical demand generation or marketing department has at least one dedicated content marketer. Almost without fail they come from a traditional writing background and they are brought in to fuel the fire that is digital marketing via the engine of marketing automation.

How much is enough? Said simply, nothing is ever enough. The thirst for content can not be quenched, at least that is what most marketing directors would have you believe.

However, when you look at content’s role in the buying cycle, there’s no denying that it is highly education and trust dependent. What this means is that if your buyer doesn’t view your content as valuable, or relevant, they will not read it – simple as that. The less they read and the more they discard the more trust is eroded and if this happens you are quite frankly, talking to yourself.

So, how do you avoid this, and more importantly how do you keep the value of your message and brand in tact?

We’ve found there are three distinct keys to ensuring that, before eroding your credibility, you can recognize what your buyer is clicking, consuming and finding value in. I’ve outlined these 3 Ways to Track the True Value, Not Just Return on Investment, of Your Content Marketing, recently for Enterpreneur.com. So, check out the article and let me know how you’re measuring content success (before it’s too late) in the comments below.

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