Why Relying on Gig Workers to Fill Your Skills Gap is Lazy

July 15, 2016 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

Short of calling gig workers flighty (which they’re not, they just don’t want to be tied down), you’ll never get all their skin in the game when you bring them aboard for project work.

They simply have too many other options and too many different hats to wear.

But more and more companies are attempting to build their businesses using the types of talent found on Upwork, Freelancer or a bevy of other online contract worker emporiums.

In fact, the latest estimates have 16 percent of the American workforce employed in an alternative work environment, with surprising industries like law and medicine incorporating aspects of “talent-for-hire” short-term arrangements.
For companies that are truly looking for a partner, someone they can trust and someone they can scale a business with, it’s scary to think where the current trend is going.

Read the full article on Entrepreneur to learn how to not be suckered in by a quick fix that only addresses your lack of time and understanding of the true need.

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