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2014 Content Predictions that Already Came True

A New Year brings a slew of prediction blogs, but I’m taking this post in a bit of a different direction. Here are a few NON-predictions around content. In other words, here are all the things that are already true about content’s role in marketing and how you need to respect it TODAY:

1.     Mobile – Your buyers are consuming via mobile and it’s likely that more than 50% of your buyers are searching, reading email and more via their cell phones. Go take a look at your Google Analytics. What percentage of your website visitors are viewing your site via a mobile device? If it’s more than 20%, you can’t wait until 2015 to cater to them.  Do it now.

2.     Dedicated Content Budget – If you don’t have a line item in your 2014 budget called “Content Creation,” see if your CFO will let you add it. Seriously… now. I’ll wait. Did you do it yet? No? Literally, get up from your desk, walk into his or her office and add a line for content… and assign a big number to it. That fancy Marketing Automation software you have sitting in the cloud – it doesn’t run on hopes and dreams. You need to feed it with assets and those assets need to be pushing out valuable content. They need to explain why you’re the leader in your space and why someone would choose you.

3.     Dedicated Content Resources – Remember that large budget allocation you just took care of in #2? Part of why it’s so large is because you need resources to execute on it for you. I need you to take a hard look at yourself here. Are you creating “enough” content today? Your answer is (or probably should be) “no.” I get it – you have events to plan, ads to place, a marketing and sales process to monitor – you’re a busy marketer! And, if 2014 is like 2013, you’ll keep pushing content creation to the bottom of your To-Do list and in 2015, you’ll be in the same boat. Ugh, Groundhog’s Day – it’s time to break the cycle!

4.     LinkedIn Distribution – It’s already the place to get B2B information. If you aren’t using it to push out your company’s latest and greatest content, you’re making a mistake. If you aren’t making it easy for your sales people to push it out to prospects via CRM or social channels, you’re making an even BIGGER mistake.

5.     Formalize Content Creation Process – Platforms that help you organize the entire content creation process from ideation to production through approval and distribution will be created…. Wait, it already exists in Kapost. If you’re still managing this process through email, stop… call them instead.

There you have it! Those are all items people have been “predicting” to be HUGE in the coming years. Well 2020 is almost here, but the need to make content king was here… yesterday. If you missed it…

{Shameless blog plug}… we can help you catch up.



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