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27 Ways to Be a Modern Marketer

October 13, 2015 | Chad Koskie | No Comments |

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published the widely-shared article 27 Ways to Be a Modern Man. While many didn’t share the author’s obvious affinity for things like shoe horns and melon ballers, the article made a splash and got people talking.

Central to this conversation was that society has changed, and so have men. That’s not a point I’m interested in debating here, though. I’ll leave sociology to the sociologists. I want to focus on marketing and how this debate mirrors the current state of our industry and the people who work in it.

It’s no secret that marketing has undergone massive upheavals in the past 10 years. Many are still reeling. In fact, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your job title didn’t even exist five years ago.

So how can you keep up? What does a modern marketer look like? It’s something we’ve given much thought to here at LeadMD, and I’d like to share some of our results.

1. The modern marketer has a mean tech stack and she knows how to use it.

2. The modern marketer is an owner. No matter her role in an organization, she has killed the employee mindset and takes ownership of her position and duties.

3. The modern marketer is a storyteller. She knows that content assets don’t move hearts, but stories do.

4. The modern marketer knows that marketing automation has far more capabilities than just pumping out the batch-and-blast campaigns. In fact, the modern marketer has pretty much forgotten what batch-and-blast even means.

5. The modern marketer knows that creating content is much more like darts than bowling.

6. The modern marketer knows her buyers, and has personas that are continually updated as the buyer changes and her organization grows.

7. The modern marketer knows that above all else, content must provide value. She never calls attention to a problem without offering a solution.

8. The modern marketer is well-versed in the difference between a tweet, a subtweet, a mention, and a DM.

9. The modern marketer knows that the funnel isn’t dead. It’s just more accurate when flipped upside down.

10. The modern marketer recognizes that she alone is responsible for ongoing education and actively seeks out new ways to learn.

11. Who does the modern marketer read? Jason Miller. She stays up to date on marketing from sites like Convince & Convert and Marketing Profs and sales best practices from the Funnelholic.

12. The modern marketer realizes that the secret to work-life balance isn’t “balance” at all.

13. The modern marketer is aware that her company is unique and that her benchmarks should reflect that. She knows that outside data is great, but looking inside the organization is a much better route to success.

14. The modern marketer knows that it’s a mad, noisy world. She also knows how to be heard.

15. The modern marketer is aligned with her sales department. She knows that the two can only have success if they work together to achieve the same goals.

16. The modern marketer has high standards and uses much more than “net new leads” to measure success.

17. The modern marketer thinks campaigns are made better with thought leaders. The more the merrier. However, she knows that she must provide value to get value.

18. The modern marketer knows that predictive marketing and data science is about to change everything.

19. The modern marketer is well aware of the massive power of video to amplify a message and engage an audience.

20. The modern marketer knows that growth is achieved by knowing who her best buyers are, and where to find more of them. Her processes reflect this.

21. The modern marketer isn’t afraid of getting a little outside help from time to time.

22. The modern marketer never shies from a challenge. However, she knows that failure is sometimes an option.

23. The modern marketer knows that content is only good if it’s useful.

24. The modern marketer is mobile. She knows that her audience is too, and creates content that reflects that.

25. The modern marketer doesn’t think in “campaign” terms. She views all efforts as continuous storytelling.

26. The modern marketer reads voraciously. She is well aware of the many content cliches and works to avoid them at all cost.

27. Does the modern marketer make mistakes? Of course. But she knows how to learn from them.

What do you think it takes to be a modern marketer? Leave a comment below, or hit us up on Twitter.

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