3 Reasons Why Video Is Your Marketing Ace In The Hole

August 14, 2017 | Tyler Lessard | No Comments |

In today’s attention economy, it’s harder than ever for marketers to break through. The internet is awash with so many automated marketing messages that buyers now exhibit content blindness and 30 percent of them hide behind their trusty ad-blockers. The New York Times even suggests that our attention spans have dipped beneath that of the noble goldfish.

Yet marketing must go on and marketers must capture precious mindshare from their buyers. What can they do? They can turn to video.

Leveraged strategically, video hits all the right notes

Video is the last bastion of both B2B and B2C buyer attention. It isn’t just text, audio, and images, it’s all three combined into a highly informative and engaging experience that makes complex topics simple. Almost half—43 percent of consumers—want to see more videos from marketers, reports HubSpot, and 52 percent of marketers claim that video is their best source of ROI these days.

Video’s power of attraction isn’t a mystery. It earns buyers’ attention for three simple reasons:

1. Video is emotional.

Video is a vehicle for transmitting emotion. We’ve all experienced watching a horror film that makes us leap, a video blog that makes us think, and a motivational montage that makes us throw on our training sneakers. In fact, because we already associate it with feelings like humor, curiosity, and awe, marketers can piggyback on these sentiments to form a quick emotional connection with their audience.

According to Dr. Liraz Margalit writing in Entrepreneur, videos strike an emotional chord because our brains process them 60,000 times faster than text. This gets our brains thinking in a much more emotional and less analytical way, she explains, making it “much easier for us to become emotionally attached to something we watch in a video than something we read in an article.”

What sort of videos can you use to build that emotional connection? All kinds, from explainer videos to testimonials, but be sure to fill them with people. Include your employees, customers, and partners with whom your viewer can empathize.

2. Video can be highly personalized.

Email may have advanced spam filters, but so do people. All of us are highly adept at quickly identifying information that isn’t relevant to us, whether it’s an email from a strange source or a piece of physical mail with a big “20% savings!” stamp on the outside. We throw these away without hesitation. To break through, marketers need to be more personal, and video can help.

Personalized video is the ultimate pattern interrupter. It’s still uncommon enough that it captures prospects’ interest and it comes off as bespoke and high-touch. Just look at the reaction of Rachel Truair, Director of Field Marketing at Magento, to a video she received from a salesperson which included a thumbnail with a personalized message on it.

“There’s only one reason why I clicked on the video: to see how well-executed the rest of this effort was. I was hopeful, but not overly optimistic,” she wrote on LinkedIn about this experience. “Let’s just say that it was very well done.” It was clear the salesperson had done her homework and Rachel responded.

Marketers can accomplish this same sort of customization at scale as well. With a video enablement platform that allows video personalization, marketers can insert personalized elements into standard videos to give the impression that the entire thing was made just for the viewer. For example, they can insert the prospect’s name, add the company logo, seamlessly swap out product A for product B, and more. According to a Vidyard study, this leads to 16 times higher click-to-open rates and 4.5 times higher click-through rates.

3. Video is more relevant.

With more video and better targeting, videos can be exceedingly relevant pieces of content to share with prospects. To make use of it, many marketers are turning to video enablement platforms which help them create, curate, and share this video content. These platforms allow them to produce a lot more of their content in-house and find that buyers actually appreciate the lower production values that come with this approach because it comes across as more authentic. By tapping employees to generate content as well, marketers can build a vast repository. When marketers marry this great variety of videos with marketing data, they can target videos with precision relevance.

Marketers can also constantly optimize their suite of videos. Video enablement platforms give them insights into who their viewers are, which parts of the videos they watch, what they skip, what they’re interested in, and allow them to trigger events based from it. Marketers can learn, iterate, and improve their videos over time until they create clips that are proven to break through consumers’ overcrowded inboxes.

Video marketing is your ace in the hole

Today’s overloaded buyers don’t have time for much, but they will make time for video. That’s why your marketing team should develop the most emotionally connective, personalized, and relevant content possible by investing more in video marketing. All it takes is a will, the right plan, and the willingness to press “play.”

Want to make video work for you? Better have a plan. Download Vidyard’s Video Strategy Workbook.

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