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5 Actionable Steps to Marketing and Sales Alignment via Data Collection

October 18, 2013 | Drew Smith | No Comments |

How can you take this tale of dog art success and translate it to your business?  Check out the following five steps to get you there.

1. Ask Sales, “what do you wish you knew about your prospects?”
– I was a very close-knit sales and marketing team – being we shared the same brain, but you are likely less fortunate.  So, you’ll have to get in those brains by asking questions. 

2. Start asking those questions.
– Incorporate the questions in progressive profiling* in your Marketo forms
– Simple send your prospects a survey.  You’ll be surprised how readily people will provide this information.  People like talking about themselves almost as much as they like talking about their dogs. 

3. Start identifying what activities someone may be taking to insinuate the answers.
– For example, if timeframe for purchase is something you want to collect, perhaps someone searching for your product or service category along with the word “buy” would indicate a short timeframe
– Use marketing automation to listen for these activities and populate fields accordingly

  • 4. Get the data into Marketo (or another database).
  • 5. Use it!
    – Think about how you can use this collected data in your marketing communications.  Think more targeted communications, more useful assets and better insights to help mold your buyer persona – shout out to Ken’s post last week!
    – Think about how you can pump this new information to your sales reps in an easily consumable way that they’ll be able to use it for prospecting or having purposeful conversations with prospects (or even existing customers).
    – How else can your organization use the data you’re collecting?  For example, if companies you work with typically need a credit check before becoming approved for financing for your product, answers to some of these preliminary questions might qualify them for pre-approval.

*Progressive profiling definition: A form where you define the number of blank fields shown based on information you already have for the “cookied” visitor. Example, if your form is collecting three new pieces of information, while always showing Email Address, you will have a full form with the following fields: Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Job Title, Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, Decision Making Role, Phone Number, Functional Department. Say you already have Email Address, First Name, Last Name and Company. The first time someone visits a page with this form, he/she will see Email Address (pre-populated with his/her email address), Job Title, Number of Employees and Annual Revenue. The next time, that person would see Email Address (again, pre-populated), Decision Making Role, Phone Number and Functional Department.

Why use this functionality? Shorter forms have higher conversions. Therefore, progressive profiling allows you to keep your forms short, while collecting a ton of great information!

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