5 Simple Rules For Rockin’ the Marketo Exam

October 18, 2016 | Alice Walker | No Comments |

So you want to become Marketo certified and you’re seriously considering registering for that big purple exam?

Sure, you’ve used Marketo – possibly even run the system for your company – and you’re no stranger to the Marketo Community. You’ve checked out the study guide and nailed the trainings. You’ve done your homework, but you cannot help feel a lingering sense of unease at the prospect of certification.

Maybe you’re newer to Marketo, maybe you’re worried about the parts of Marketo you don’t use every day (hello, Marketo Calendar). Heck, maybe tests in general just make you plain nervous. No matter where you are in your automation career, total newbie or seasoned vet, we are here to help. As someone who has just crossed the finish line of the certification marathon, I have pinpointed five easy ways to prepare for the test and pass the Marketo Certification Exam with flying colors. So let’s skip the stress and dig in.

Step One: Take Note of the Notes

By now, I’m sure you’ve already reviewed Marketo’s Exam Prep Tool Kit (and if you haven’t: start here and come back later). This recommends you “Review Marketo’s Product Docs”, which would be lovely if we could all carve out a few hours a day to sift through their full documentation. I do recommend reviewing the docs, but don’t worry about memorizing every line item. Instead, focus on the notes sections, the call-outs, the warnings. A very high percentage of these special mentions make it into the test. By now you should have the gist of how things work, the notes will remind you of the specifics.

Step Two: Go Back To Basics

For those of us who have been in the workforce a while, the prospect of studying for a test can lead to some unpleasant S.A.T.-flashbacks. I hadn’t completed a standardized test since graduating college, and just getting started felt overwhelming. There are so many different online studying tools, memorization techniques and apps that promise big results, it was hard to know what would actually help. My advice? Take all those newfangled tips and throw them in the trash. Think back to when you were in high school or college and needed to cram for a big test – what did you do? What was your failsafe study technique that got you through the harder exams?

For me, that meant some old-fashioned, color-coded, had-to-go-to-three-drugstores-to-find-them flashcards. Maybe for you, that means finding a study buddy or hightailing it to the library after work. Connect with your inner-student, and focus on the study approach that works for you.

Step Three: Location, Location, Location!

I’ll say it – it is way easier to take this test in person than it is to try and take it online. When you’re taking it remotely there is software to install, webcams to configure at just the right angle, and a lot more logistic stress then you need heading into a test. If it’s possible, taking the test at Marketo Summit is definitely the most user-friendly experience, where they have staff onsite to help. Can’t wait that long? Marketo has designated test taking centers found all over the US that you can go to take a proctored exam.

If you can’t make it to either of those locations, test your tech well in advance of taking the exam. You’ll thank me later.

Step Four: Trust Your Gut

One of the best pieces of advice I got while stressing out…I mean preparing for the test is that the good folks at Marketo are not trying to trick you. There are no mind games, no trick questions. If you find yourself faced with a question that stumps you, think it through slowly and logically. Often the obvious answer is the correct one.

Step Five: Make Like Nike

And just do it! Follow the steps above, hit the books, and take a deep breath before clicking “start.”

Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

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