ABC: Account-Based Contest (Winners)

Mitch and Murray would be proud.

You won’t be finding these guys complaining, “Yeah. I used to do account-based. It’s a tough racket.” No way, pal. We spent a full day sorting through dozens of entries from around the world, searching for the very best ABM definitions. Some were funny. Some were philosophical. And some were flat-out astounding. After much debate, we have our winners.

Put on a fresh pot of coffee. These guys are closers.

Kurt Weisenberger, of Frontier Communications, won the Grand Prize with this gem:

“Account-based brings sales and marketing together with common goals to develop effective plays that target multiple decision-makers within select accounts in order to win them as new customers.”

He’ll be getting a Sony Playstation VR, $500 hard currency, and an opportunity to collaborate on an upcoming Inc. article.

Michael Oslin, with Manhattan Associates, won Second Prize, a set of $200, imported-from-Germany steak knives, straight out of Blake’s aluminum briefcase.

And Keith Jensen at CrownPeak, Inc., won Third Prize, a personalized Marketing Maturity Audit to help elevate their game to the next level.

We’d like to thank everyone for playing.

And remember: Always Be Closing.

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