ABM is everywhere. We write about it…a lot. And for many reasons.

One reason is that ABM is, simply put, just good marketing. It’s nothing new—many marketers are just bad at it and starting to realize that the days of doing “just ok” marketing to survive are over.

ABM is evolving with the help of technology and really smart people. As a company that consults with thousands of marketing teams a year, we’ve done away with ABM and adopted a strictly ABE mindset.

Wait what?

ABE is account-based everything. We defined it in a previous blog post as the coordination of personalized marketing, sales development, sales, and customer success efforts to drive engagement and conversion at a targeted set of accounts.

ABE takes ABM a step further by aligning more than sales and marketing. According to TOPO, only
 10-20% of the leads generated by marketing are from accounts on the sales team’s target list. So if roughly 80% of leads are coming from other sources, it’s important that account-based thinking is working through the entire organization. And we mean everywhere—executive team, customer success, product development, the whole shebang.

The theme here is clear—every channel and department has be account-centric. So what does this mean for the organization as a whole?

Account Based Executives – Like target accounts changed with ABM, C-level engagement increases with ABE. Taking one-to-one marketing at its word, it just makes sense to have C-level participation in C-level outreach.

Account Based Sales – According to Demand Generation Analyst, Tom Scarce, sales departments are the most prepared for ABE. Mainly because working off of an account-based foundation is something that a lot of sales departments practice often. However, like marketers who have been focused on volume and velocity, they will either sink or learn to swim a completely different backstroke if they haven’t adopted account-based thinking. Both teams have to get back to a personalized one-to-one strategy and it’s not an easy switch for some to make.

Account Based Customer Service – If all other departments fulfill their roles, there will be a rise in sales and new accounts. CRMs alone are helpful, but limiting in an ABE framework. Customer service departments often only get half of the story inside any CRM. The rise of technology like, Engagio, give customer service departments insights into what is really going on in accounts—across the board. Done correctly, ABE can help reduce churn and increase retention.

Account Based Everything Else – Ask any expert on the topic and they’ll tell you, the success of ABM or ABE is an overall adoption of account based thinking—across all channels. Getting teams to stop thinking in a lead-based approach takes time and the right tools. This is why we are talking about “Everything.” This thinking has to be implemented in every decision: from what analytics software you choose to how you organize your CRM.

ABM is dead. Long live ABE!

We could go on for days about ABE and the strategies—and we will, just not in one blog post! It’s time to put the lame excuses to rest, stop passing the blame baton and up our game as marketers. The cool part? Success is no longer on our shoulders alone—everyone holds a piece of this puzzle. ABM is dead. Long live ABE!


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