Are You A Caveman Or Rico Suave?

November 1, 2013 | Justin Gray | 1 Comment |

I embrace the elephant in the room. It’s never left me feeling uncomfortable or apprehensive. I relish the opportunity to confront it. I sit and enjoy the rise in tension as the whole room starts to quietly recognize – in unison – that it’s there and ever-present. And finally, I burst, feeling the relief wash over me as I finally get to be the one to say it. Your “nurturing” sucks.

Lead nurturing is not a “bang them over the head until you get their submission” kind of tactic!

Let’s get at the root of the problem. There’s no sense in skating around it, giving more attention to the symptoms than the ailment. Let’s dig deep. What are you afraid of? You sit day after day pumping out content that really should be published in a review journal to new prospects. Your emails are long, use a lot of big words, get too technical and leave your new friends yawning and ready for bed. Don’t worry. There’s a place and time for everything, including your fancy academic articles. Just be sure you are sending it to the right person at the right stage in your buying cycle.

At LeadMD, we like to compare conversational marketing to dating. Your first email to a prospect is like the first date. Keep it light. Let them get to know you and, whatever you do, make yourself likable! At the end of that first email they should want to hear from you again or at the very least not mind the thought of hearing from you again. And just like dating, you allow them to get to know you a little more with each email. You develop a rapport. You build trust.

As you reach out to your new prospects, be sure your listening to them too. What activity is your content inciting? What are you learning about them as they engage with your content? How can you uniquely tailor your messages to your new prospects based on what they are telling you about themselves?

As you get to know each other better, and they progress through your lead lifecycle, your messaging can go for a more hard-selling approach. For instance, a case study or ROI calculator is a hard sell and certainly not a “let’s get to know each other” message. Sending a case study in the first email is like asking someone to marry you on the first date. What are the chances of you getting that magical “yes?” In the beginning of any relationship, you want to give information that leaves them wanting more. Make sure your content aligns with where your prospects are in their journey of getting to know you. Listen to them, respect them, woo them and you’ll have them head over heels in love.

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  1. Jon Spenceley on November 4, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    Great post – couldn’t agree more. The emails I’m most likely to click on the ‘first date’ are introductory and have a succinct explanation of how I know the company (stopped by their booth, signed up for a whitepaper, etc.).

    I’m also a fan of helpful content on the first date – give me a blog post that gets me thinking about how to be more efficient, or a funny take on a recent conference, and there’s a good chance I’ll follow along and read.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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