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Tracy Skochil

B2B Newsletter Best Practices

Tracy Skochil / July 08, 2020 / 0 Comments

A lot of factors impact performance in a B2B newsletter. With so many moving pieces and a complex sales cycle, marketers need to ensure they take care of the basics: name, subject line and preview text.


42% of people surveyed said the first thing they look at when deciding to open an email is the sender’s name. Thirty-four percent look at the subject line first, while 24% consider the preview text first. This is likely because 70% of email users check their inboxes via phone, and mobile inboxes display sender names first, followed by the subject line and preview text.

Guidelines for Components

Sender Name

Can be a full name, the name of your B2B newsletter or a company. Real people get higher opens if the communication channel isn’t over-used.

Email Sent From

The email address the email sends from. If using a real person for mass sends, consider setting up an alias so as not to cause send issues or to flood the person’s email with out of office notifications. Avoid ‘NoReply@somewhere.com’ – you’re asking people to read your B2B newsletter, the least you can do is be there to read a reply, if they have one.

Subject Line (40 characters max incl. spaces):

  • Meet 40 characters, it’s not many words
  • Subject lines should be clear and tell the reader what’s in it for them.

Preview Text (40 characters max incl. spaces):

  • Meet 40 characters, it’s not many words
  • Preview Text should build on subject line, but not duplicate it.


See your copy real time with this open source tool.

B2B Newsletter-Inbox Preview

B2B Newsletter-Inbox Preview

Think to yourself: If I were my core buyer, would I find the content interesting, relevant, and useful based on the Person, Subject Line, and Preview Text?

For more information on perfecting your B2B newsletter content, read this article.


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