Congratulations to the Winners of the Content Marketing Nation Contest

From March 11 to March 28, almost a thousand of you visited the Content Marketing Nation, casting in total more than 500 votes across 30 great posts. We want to congratulate the top 10 posts of the Content Marketing Nation because we think each post exemplifies why marketing automation is an important part of your sales & marketing toolkit.

Here are the top 10 posts from the Content Marketing Nation:

1.     Content Marketing Tools: The Ultimate List posted by Michael Gerard.

Michael Gerard is CMO of Curata and their post on the ultimate list of content marketing tools highlights the importance of marketing automation in measuring and optimizing your content marketing.

Their infographic and descriptions gives users a comprehensive look at how to build a content marketing machine from scratch and which tools could work best for your team.

2.     Marketo vs Eloqua vs Pardot: A Massive Review posted by Chad Pollitt

3.    Top 10 Benefits of Marketing Automation posted by Craig Rosenberg

4.    The 411 on Marketing Automation [VIDEO] posted by Abhiroop Basu

5.     The Past, Present, and Future of Online Marketing posted by Douglass Karr

6.    10 Strategies for Content Marketing, Events, and Marketing Automation Success posted by Marc Majers

7.     Technology that Drives the Modern MKTG Department posted by Justin Gray

8.     SmartForms Survey posted by Jessica Miller on behalf of ReachForce

9.    From Revenue To Life-Cycle Management: 2014 Investment Imperatives For B2B CMOs posted by Ardath Albee

10.  How to Define the Lead of Your Company’s Dreams [Infographic] posted by Trish Bertuzzi

See the rest of the list here.

We’re very excited to have worked with ShareBloc and leading Marketo partners Heinz Marketing, Cloudwords, RingLead and Infer. See you at Marketing Nation Summit on April 7.

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