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Kickstart Your Buyer’s Heart, Create Marketing Specifically For Them

September 15, 2016 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

Let’s clear the air: The most successful marketing campaigns are created with specific buyers in mind.

You may be creating the most killer, awesome content out there. But if it’s content that nobody is really asking for, you’re spending a lot of time and tears on an expensive exercise in wheel spinning.

So, the modern marketer must expend some smart hustle to create unique content that addresses the real concerns, needs, interests, likes and dislikes of their buyers.

To identify and understand these buyers, marketers create “buyer personas.” Most marketers find that they have multiple types of buyers, each of which needs a dedicated persona.

Once you’ve carefully researched and built out your buyer personas, you can create content geared specifically toward each one, and deliver that content using marketing automation software. The strategy works because, as you can imagine, a CEO might have very different consumption habits than a manager, and very different challenges to address as well.

But remember, while marketing automation can segment your lists by persona, you still need to build the persona-specific content it delivers.

Here’s how to create custom content around your buyer personas:

STEP 1: Group your buyers into defined personas

Identify 3–5 buyer personas that faithfully represent your customer base, getting as granular as possible about who these personas “are” and what they care about.

Use market research, demographics and firmographics to understand the likes, dislikes, concerns, qualms, or interests of key buyers.

STEP 2: Map current content to personas

After compiling a list of buyer personas, review your existing content. Do you already have content (such as whitepapers, webinars, eBooks, blog posts, presentations, or sales collateral) that adequately addresses common buyer concerns?

Try using a free content auditor tool to locate all of your existing online content and tag those pieces by key buyer personas. This process categorizes your content assets by persona and allows for future use, reuse, and re-purposing of assets.

STEP 3: Identify content gaps

Based on the results of your content persona audit, identify gaps in your content as they emerge. Note what types of assets could be created to fill those gaps.

STEP 4: Build email segments in marketing automation by persona

In your marketing automation platform, build email segments based on each persona.

You could create something simple, such as one nurture track for each identified persona, or you can get crafty with your segmentation rules, factoring in complexities like a buyer’s place in the sales cycle.

STEP 5: Get started

Once you’ve created your segments, set up your marketing automation to automatically send identified content assets to the relevant personas.

Targeted content built to match specific buyer personas has been shown to increase conversion rates, open rates, and click-through rates.

Pour conclure

Content developed to target specific personas fuels your marketing automation firestorm. It personalizes your messaging to each lead at just the right moment in their journeys, demonstrating that your company is highly in tune to your buyers’ needs.

While you don’t have to be Ben Franklin to harness this lightning, the modern marketer should have at least a passing knowledge of all these elements. Probably more, if a successful career in marketing is a goal.

Is “generalism” a reasonable expectation in today’s frenetic marketing environment? Leave a comment or hit me up on twitter to let me know what you think. As for myself, I see a lot of fellow modern marketers out there absolutely rocking it. I think the occasion is one that can be risen to.

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