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Creating Short and Engaging Content…Like A Boss

February 19, 2014 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

How many times have you started to read an email or blog and struggled to get through the first sentence due to the lacking “wow!” factor? Probably more times than you can remember. Better yet, when was the last time that you read a piece of content that literally made you laugh out loud or compelled you to tweet about it? If you’re drawing a blank or simply can’t think back that far, you’re not alone. As a marketer, there’s nothing more frustrating than watching brands struggle with creating relevant and engaging content.

Whether your message needs to be delivered in a single paragraph or a 90 second stop-motion video, you should ask yourself the following questions before diving in to content development:

  • Who is my target audience? Determine who will be consuming your content and speak specifically to their needs and pain points. Creating content that provides a solution to the problem is the key to an engaged audience.
  • How does my audience consume content? Based on what you know about your target audience, determine how they will be accessing your content (email, blog, etc.) and outline a coherent content strategy from that angle. 
  • What is the purpose of my content or results that I need to see? In order to measure how engaging your content is, you need to define what “engaged” actually means to you and for your specific initiative.

Regardless of how you’re measuring engagement, the goal of your content should be to trigger an emotional response from your audience. When appealing to a positive or negative emotion, the aim is to disrupt your reader’s train of thought and find the balance between broadening their perspective without giving them a headache. Try to think of how you can creatively keep your reader’s attention long enough for them to absorb your message without making the experience feel forced. Here are a few more considerations for your content development strategy:

  • Take a risk. Try delivering your content in an unexpected method or writing in a tone that you haven’t before. Instead of a traditional email, direct your audience to a short video or infographic that delivers your message in a unique way.
  • Respect the exclamation point. Punctuation is important, but it shouldn’t be used as a crutch to make your content more exciting!!! Adding excessive and unnecessary punctuation to your content doesn’t make your message more interesting, it just makes you look like a chump.
  • Check your ego at the door. Before you craft your content, take a moment to clear your head and put yourself in the shoes of the reader. You’re the expert in a specific focus, but others might be newer to the space,  so it’s important keep the message simple and clear.

Now that you’re equipped with the tools to easily create content that your audience will want to read, what are you waiting for?

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