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Designing Killer ABM Offers that Cut Through the Noise

August 2, 2016 | Chad Koskie | No Comments |

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Account-based marketing is like a small, intimate acoustic show.

Think Nirvana’s “MTV Unplugged” rather than Def Leppard-esque stadium sets. Reward your fans with a special meet and greet, an autographed guitar or a private after party and it’ll be impossible for them to turn down the main show.

The Goal: Creating high-value offers

Remember that offer framework we assembled for campaign planning? Time to put the petal to the metal! There are likely a small number of target accounts in a typical ABM program so campaigns and offers need to deliver high conversion rates and have high value.

The best way to bring your personalized content on stage is to create offers that are built specifically for a particular target account. This is where all those insights you gathered will allow you to really rock the mic.

Create hyper-value, interactive assets

What is hyper-value, exactly? Anything that potential buyers will feel compelled to open because it’s so personalized and valuable. Here are some examples:

Use in-person events to maximize exposure

Face-to-face is where trust is established.

Tradeshows are becoming the B2B equivalent of hair metal in the early 90s—far too mainstream and cheesy. But you can exploit this reality by scheduling exclusive VIP dinners and other events at shows you know key account stakeholders will be attending.

In a solid ABM driven process, events or trade shows become in essence, side gigs within the show. Dinners, focus groups, VIP executive forums – let your imagination run wild. The only qualifier? Provide hyper-value. With ABM your marketing and sales teams should be working hand in hand to orchestrate a high value sales offer at the show. You’ll use this offer to gather the cream of the crop and wow them.

These offerings tend to yield extremely high returns. We’re talking 200, 300 even 400x ROI? You’ve heard that the real business gets done in the bar? Take it to heart here.

The Outcome

You’ll see us refer to “plays” throughout the Monsters of Funnel eBook – this concept is central to ensuring we have repeatable sets of tasks that happen every time. Much like Slash has an entire collection of guitars at his disposal whenever he steps into the studio, you’ll have a solid, repeatable set of offers available that you know will play just right.

But instead of vintage Les Pauls and flying Vs, you’ll have effective messaging, value propositions, and use cases that buyers can relate to and that sales reps can deliver quickly and consistently.

Tool of Rock: Eventbrite

Eventbrite provides a professional, simple way to manage and promote events to help you reach your business goals. The key idea here is limited seating. For these events, you aren’t inviting 1,000 people. You’re inviting 20, so that 15 accept. Everyone loves an exclusive offer. A platform like Eventbrite goes hand-in-hand with personalized outreach. It’s a simple, free tool that allows you to easily create events that have an elite feel.

Just in case you think we’re just talking, at a recent industry event LeadMD generated a 300%+ ROI from an executive dinner. A select group of customers and prospects were gathered at a popular industry event (hint, it was C2C).

Your customers will be your best sales representatives. Triple digit returns are not only possible, but standard when we deliver hyper-value.

Download Monsters of Funnel II: Back to Stack. You’ll get the ultimate tech stack (and tactics) to achieve face-melting success with account-based marketing!

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