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Andrea Lechner-Becker

Digital Lead Generation – Learn About Lead Generation Techniques

Andrea Lechner-Becker / August 14, 2020 / 0 Comments

Lead generation sounds so easy. Throw a form on your website and BOOM! … leads generated. But, of course, generating the right leads can be complex and difficult to do. And even more challenging to do well, in a way that drives impactful business outcomes.

But targeted lead generation can be a complex and difficult strategy to integrate into your marketing plan in the best of circumstances but when you only have a vague knowledge of how it could impact your bottom line, it’s especially daunting. Add digital considerations to the mix, and website lead generation can seem impossible. 

While mastering this process can leave you frustrated, we at LeadMD view lead generation techniques as an art, and we wanted to share some of our lead gen tips and tricks so your company will be better equipped to generate quality leads and drive business growth. 

What is Lead Generation Marketing?

Lead generation is defined as the process of finding and developing potential customers for your business’s products and services. It’s an ongoing process that is all about turning prospects into engagers. Through targeted lead generation, potential clients interact with your content with the goal of completing calls-to-action and become prospects (or leads)  for your sales and outreach team to pursue. 

Lead gen depends on compelling content and tools that are designed to engage with strangers and, ultimately, capture information about them. Digital lead generation techniques can be direct, such as ads or targeted emails, or indirect, like social posts, blogs, and shareable tangential content. This moves potential prospects through the lead generation funnel.

A successful website lead generation depends on combining different channels to increase the chance that a prospect will complete a call-to-action and begin their journey down the funnel. Once this journey starts, your leads become the focus of sales and outreach marketing.

Best Lead Generation Tips

While initial marketing exposes strangers to your business, converting them to known leads can be a distinct challenge. This strategy helps you get over that hurdle by offering strangers the opportunity to learn about and interact with your company.

Targeted Lead Generation

But first, in order to create an effective online strategy, you need to target high-quality leads. 

High-quality leads are those most likely to be converted to users or clients based on their attitudes, attributes, and capabilities. Often, the goal of website lead generation is not to collect a massive quantity of lukewarm leads, but to collect a substantial amount of hotter, high-quality leads. 

Some ways to target high-quality leads include:

1. Segment Your Audience for Targeted Lead Generation

All of your strategies will have the same goal, but they will use different methods for engaging and promoting relevant content to those prospects. 

To do this, consider the different reasons people might be interested in your products or services. Consider the different demographics within your target audience: gender, age, socioeconomic background, level of experience, and general interests. A 23-year-old young professional who’s learning the ropes is going to be looking for something different than a 45-year-old father of 2 who has been working in the industry for a decade. You can adjust your strategies accordingly.

2. Put Yourself in Strangers’ Shoes

Once you know who you want to target, the new question becomes: How? Effective digital lead generation requires a well-planned strategy that addresses how to reach potential leads to begin the conversion process. You will want to consider:

  1. Which forms of media channels do your potential leads use frequently? LinkedIn? Yelp? Instagram?
  2. What content are your potential leads interested in? Pictures, photos, and reviews of your product? How about tangential content? 
  3. What do your potential leads tend not to respond to? Do they send unknown emails to spam? Are they rarely on social media?

3. Lead Prioritization

Before you can generate high-quality leads, you must define your company’s standards for lead quality. One way you can do this is by establishing a lead scoring system by quantifying factors such as expressed interest, engagement potential, or totaled contact points. Score thresholds will help you identify and choose high-quality leads to target. 

Adding Digital Lead Generation to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy requires that you meet the customer at every point of their customer journey. But every journey has to start somewhere. Digital lead generation harnesses the internet to let you start journeys in ways that grassroots marketing never allowed before. 

Adding digital lead gen to start new customer journeys requires a series of steps. 

First, create the generator content targeted for your designated high-quality leads. Content may be social media posts, tangential blog posts, or direct email campaigns. Remember, this content is the starting point for the customer journey, so make sure that the tone, style, and goals align with your desired audience perception. 

Next, add a call-to-action. Upon completion, calls-to-action convert prospects into leads that can be pursued by your sales or outreach teams. Digital lead generation includes calls-to-action such as contact forms, requests to like, share, or follow, or requests to begin trials of products or services. Keep anything that might prevent conversion in mind, and remember that online interactions are short and light so keep digital calls-to-action short and easy to use. 

Third, post and share your content. Consider questions such as when and how often to share content, which channels to use, and who among journalists and influencers you should look to for support. Take note of which sharing strategies are effective for future lead gen. 

From Content to Conversion: Optimizing Lead Generation Online

Once you have identified high-quality prospects and gotten their attention with content, the final step of the system is conversion.

Encouraging Conversion

Conversion from stranger to lead can be somewhat difficult, but certain strategies allow you to capture prospects effectively. 

First, explore personalized conversion techniques. Landing pages, emails, and contact forms can all be personalized to match the channel or audience. Personalization pulls potential leads in more than generalized generators. 

Next, look into digital tools for lead generation. Online data scrapers and information tools can help you capture data from everyone who comes in contact with your generators. Although leads that don’t necessarily complete a call-to-action are not as high-quality, the sheer quantity of leads created by these tools may be a great first step. 

Lastly, adapt your strategy constantly. Compelling calls-to-action must adapt to changes in potential leads’ values and responsiveness. Use digital tools such as A/B testing and surveys to make sure you are adapting. 

Next-Step Focused Conversion

The ultimate goal of lead generation is to sell your product or service. Therefore, consider the next steps of online marketing as you develop your lead generation techniques. 

Work with outreach teams to develop a call-to-action. For instance, if your sales team plans to pursue leads from different segments differently, think about how a call-to-action contact form can capture segment data for your team. 

Measure and adjust to ensure effective conversion. If your sales and outreach teams aren’t able to bring in leads as clients, you likely need to rethink lead generation techniques. Measure clicks, engagement, and outcomes of digital systems and harness the adaptability of the internet to adjust your strategy. 


Overall, lead generation can seem really daunting, especially when the ever-changing world of online marketing must be considered. However, by keeping the focus on meeting your clients with a compelling system, you can deliver to them and to your sales and outreach teams. LeadMD can support as you generate leads and help them through their entire customer journey. Good luck! 


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