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Return to Relationships: Ditch the Megaphone and Get Personal With Your Prospects

Remember the early days of Twitter? I sound like an old man already.

You’d follow someone, and they’d follow you right back. It felt like a true connection, and was easy to manage.

Now, the space is like an overcrowded city from Idiocracy. You mostly want people to go away. If you’re like me, you’re doing more unfollowing than following.

Most people view (and I’d say correctly) Twitter as a hub of shallow self-promotion. Everyone has jumped ship to Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of influencers making contingency plans to move their audiences off Twitter (those almost ubiquitous Snapchat logos).

As the all the world’s marketers infiltrate those “new” channels, who even knows what’s next?

People have started managing their inbox the same way — even going so far as to ditch email altogether and move to platforms like Slack. Though, there is some controversy around whether or not Slack actually increases productivity by any measure.

The overarching theme here is that there simply aren’t many “new” trends that stay “new” for very long before marketers crash the gates. Something new will hit the scene, sure. But the time a platform actually stays “new” is shortening.

For instance, look at how long direct mail was relied upon as a mass marketing tool. Decades. Email’s still a spring chicken compared to that timeframe. Things just move faster these days.

The only choice for the humble B2B marketer, then? Be everywhere, but in a much more personalized way.

To thrive, you have to take a hyper-personalized approach. This is what account-based marketing is all about.

What’s changed is that most channels aren’t so wide open anymore, and you can’t just go in there and make a splash by being first to the punch. There will always be be something new on the horizon, but the spike on the return is now shorter than ever. Then the next thing rolls out, and within a few months the opportunity is dead because everyone has flocked to it.

Instead of trying to spread yourself thin across every platform and channel you can muster, adopt a “work smarter, not harder” mindset. Sure, you have to be everywhere, but it’s not a megaphone approach. The name of the game is developing personalized interactions.

It really comes down to mirroring what would happen in a face-to-face interaction. Think of what you’d normally do if you met someone in real life:  You’d say hello, have a conversation. Later on, you’d give them a follow on LinkedIn and Twitter, send an email, etc.

But you can’t manually do that for every prospect. It’s just not possible. There needs to be a process running in the background to enable that, and it has to be consistent.

Sure, you can reinforce things with marketing automation, and make sure that certain touch points are covered. But a core to ABM is that you can’t (and shouldn’t) automate every personal touch in that experience

Account-based marketing is a highly-personalized, highly-intelligent approach to marketing. It’s the holy grail of “right tie, right place, right message” that marketers have sought for decades. And with tons of technology to support, your approach can be smarter than ever. But don’t think you can neglect that old personal touch. It matters more than ever.

While marketing tactics may have changed over time, certain fundamentals have remained constant. And now, they are more important than ever. What are they? Check out our handy new guide: Back to the Marketing Future to find out. Hit 88 miles per hour and travel from relationships, to reach, to demand generation and account-based marketing. 

Have you adopted a more personalized approach to your marketing? Hit me up on Twitter (I’m still there!)

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