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Don’t Let Them Slip Through Your Fingers: How to Resonate With Customers When They Aren’t in Your Own Backyard

August 5, 2014 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

That’s often easier said than done for any business – but when you’re operating in the global marketplace, it can be especially tough. Consumers tend to gravitate toward brands from their own country and invest their dollars and loyalty in businesses that feel culturally familiar. Language barriers can also discourage engagement. So how do you build a relationship across national and cultural lines that will keep your prospects connected and committed?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the number-one factor for fueling engagement is making each customer feel unique. This trumps every other technique marketers use to stir up customer interest. But once again, this can be a tall order for a brand expanding into the global arena. All too often customers will assume they’ll be just a name in a database to any company operating on a large, global scale. If you can’t find a way to convey a personal buying environment that appreciates and focuses on their distinct needs, your customer relationships will be over before they begin.

Then there’s the challenge of reaching customers within the right cultural context. By its very nature, this won’t be an intuitive process for you because of cultural differences. That means your team must do some legwork to understand not only what language will draw your new customers in, but also which channels are most effective for delivering your brand messages. Managing cultural nuances is a delicate art, and the potential for misunderstandings is high in content creation. Another possible obstacle: multiple layers of management that wind up jamming the content pipeline.

Maybe you think we’re focusing too much on the negatives. So let’s talk about the solutions to help you circumvent all these issues – specifically how you can leverage automation solutions to simplify the expansion of your global customer base.

Personalize your content through analytics. You want your content to be relevant and tailored to meet each customer’s needs, and that means gaining a sharper understanding of their particular challenges and goals. Analytics tools not only track your leads, but can also measure customers’ perceptions of your brand. This feedback allows you to quickly adjust to meet budding concerns, identify potential new audiences, and help your sales teams develop a more nuanced understanding of the context in which your global buyer operates. And remember, speaking their language is the ultimate personalization.

Relate to global customers with cloud-based data management. After acquiring analytics concerning the widespread markets you strive to reach, you’ll need to manage that data economically. So say goodbye to manual processes and adopt a cloud-based globalization system to help you consolidate data and translation assets. You’ll be able to put this information to work through the correct channels, with the most accurate language, at the right time.

Centralize your marketing channels to provide fast and localized service. When companies expand quickly on a global scale, it becomes increasingly difficult to practice efficient communication. Think about it; you’ll need to interact quickly with far-flung customers across multiple channels and develop effective marketing approaches based on customer preferences. Luckily automation tools can streamline that process by centralizing campaign and social marketing management data, closing the communication gap no matter how much distance separates you from your customers.

You know that every customer is unique. One of the best things about being a marketer today is leaving the old batch and blast campaigns behind, and using new technologies to foster positive and personalized customer relationships. Remember, it’s all too easy for global customers to perceive your company as a distant, impersonal entity. Show your customers that you understand and respect their individual needs and you’ll be on your way to enjoying lasting engagements around the world.

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