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Email Personalization: Let’s Get Everybody on Board

Drew Smith / November 15, 2016 / 0 Comments

More isn’t better. It just isn’t. Unless it’s pizza… More pizza is always better. But it’s definitely not better if it’s more marketing emails.

For some reason, marketers have adopted some weird “go big or go home” mentality when it comes to email. Our recent Marketing Maturity Report says that 81% of enterprise companies send more than 1,000 emails A MONTH.

Unfortunately, marketers aren’t mathematicians. They usually aren’t trained as analysts, even if some degree of analysis is part of their job description. Because they aren’t these things, the massively flawed assumption they make is that more emails = more opens and clicks = more purchases = more money.

Except, nope. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, as you go big with your email count, your response rates are actually going to go down. And your unsubscribe rate will go up.

The crazy thing

Hey, I get it. Here at LeadMD, I’ve heard all of the reasons companies come up with for sending more and more emails. And I listen patiently before calmly noping all of their reasons with data. Instead, I tell them what will actually work for them. I’ll give you a hint. It starts with “person” and ends in “alization.”

This is the crazy thing. Email personalization isn’t really a new concept, right? Marketers have been doing it for a while now. In theory, I guess, because holy cow, 70% of brands fail to use personalized emails despite the fact that they deliver 6x the transaction rates.

Apparently the biggest reasons brands say they don’t use more personalization is that technological BS gets in the way, like the inability to link systems and just poor data. Others complain about scraping up enough in-house resources to strategize and create sold personalized email marketing campaigns. I’m sorry, but these aren’t very good excuses.

Personalized means more today

Marketing isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work. It’s always changing. Timeliness is important. But we can’t solve our marketing challenges by just heaping gobs of “more” onto a successful tactic.

Email marketing works, and it can work well. It works even better when personalized, but “personalized” means something different today than it did a few years ago. Once, you could get away with adding the recipient’s first name, and that provided an immediate boost to open and click rates. That’s pretty much the bare minimum today. I don’t know, blame Amazon.

Customers care about this

Customers know we’re collecting all this data on them, and to be honest, they want you to use that information for their benefit. It’s only fair, right? But all these internal squabbling challenges stand in the way of more effective data usage for personalization. I mean, only 39% of retailers send personalized recommendations via email.

Do you think customers don’t care? Au contraire, my friends. About 74% of online consumers are kind of peeved when they get content that doesn’t reflect their interests. I mean, when a company knows I’m bald and they send me an advertisement for a comb, or some hair styling product, it almost feels like they’re rubbing it in. See what I did there?


Extra cheese

Let’s go back to that personalized email conversion rate thing. Six times the transaction rates. Look, I’m not a mathematician either, but gosh. It seems like the extra money you’ll make from personalization will more than pay for your investment in system integrations and better data, don’t you think?

More isn’t better. Unless it’s pizza. Or personalization.

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