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[ freebie ] Marketo “Expert” BS Detector

February 2, 2017 | Andrea Lechner-Becker | No Comments |

If they don’t walk the walk, you need to walk on by.

You’ve got a problem—you aren’t getting the value from marketing automation (let’s say Marketo) that you wish you were or think you should be. You want to solve this problem. Cool. What are you going to do?

First step, find an expert to help you, right? Ok, so you find a bunch of people who claim to be experts, but how can you separate the good from the great? How can you tell the difference between someone who passed their Marketo Certified Expert exam last week and someone who has truly helped transform businesses and changed the way people work by implementing and training on the Marketo platform?

How can you trust me?

Sure, I have an honest face and a pleasant demeanor on the phone call when we discuss your project. Every Marketo consultant probably does! But how can you be absolutely sure I’m not full of shit? How do you know my per hour price tag will be worth it?

How about a freebie?

Well, first, I’m a giver. I love helping people, which is the cornerstone of a great consultant. And I back it up with proof, like… Here are things to check about any Marketo consultant that you’re looking to employ…

If you’re trying to separate fakes from facts, don’t ask for references. It’s like a resume, of course we all have clients who like us—or we wouldn’t be in business. Instead, fire up your Bullshit Detector and get to work.

Do they even USE the system they’re selling?

Any outfit calling itself a Marketo consultancy had better have some Munchkin code on their own site. Here’s a couple ways to check:

  1. Right click on their home page, select View Page Source, and search for “Munchkin.” The best practice is to park this in a Google Tag Manager script, though, so…
  2. Install the Ghostery extension for your browser. It will let you see all the scripts running on the page.

How efficient are THEIR processes?

Fill out a form and see how quickly a rep calls you (IF a rep calls you). If they don’t have efficient processes in place to connect with a hot lead like yourself, how can you trust them to make YOUR process work?

Are they blocking their competitors?

Consultants are going to hate me for this one, but—seriously—you should see if they’re blacklisting their competitors. Use a made-up email address for one of their competitors when you fill out a form for a free download. Do you still get the asset? If so, someone was asleep in Marketo Foundations class.

PS – Don’t bother doing this on our site; we block them all.

Speaking of form fills, how do their landing pages and emails look?

If you used a real email address, you should have received some emails. How do those emails look? Are they crisp, responsive, and confidence-inspiring—or are they dated, rigid, and fugly? Do they use CNAMES to serve up meaningful links?

In other words:

  • Are they pointing you to: na-blah.marketo.com/lp/marketodemosandbox97/landingpage.html?
  • Or something like: go.marketo-experts.com/preferences.html?

Make sure your Marketo expert is really an expert.

Ultimately, you want your expert to have life experiences. Our consultants are worth our consulting fee because we’ve had everything you will ever want to do with Marketo blow up in our face at least once, and that experience means we won’t let anything blow up in your face and get you fired.

These are just a few quick and easy ways to separate the pros from the posers. Try them out! You’d be surprised how many “experts” out there are anything but. You might save a couple bucks up front, but ask yourself this, if there isn’t time or money to do things right the first time—how much more expensive will it be to do it over?

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