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Getting the Band (And Your Sales Funnel) Together: Kicking off Monsters of Funnel

July 2, 2015 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

Think of who your favorite band was when you were growing up. You probably couldn’t imagine them without the guitarist, right? Each individual member comes together to form something bigger and more powerful, a signature sound. This was exactly our same thought process as we were assembling a group of rock star marketers to talk about the sales funnel.

We’ve assembled a monster lineup, in what will be a revolving door of standout marketing and sales virtuosos, to talk about each phase of the funnel, what it means, how it stands today, and what you can do to make sure your efforts have maximum payoff. We were dedicated to the idea of a “supergroup” of marketers, each the best in their discipline, taking the stage as a part of a collective to make sure that sales and marketing professionals were hearing from only the best.

The result: Monsters of Funnel.

Hand-picked and comprised of the best and most trusted minds in marketing today, think of it less like the Beatles and more like Led Zeppelin: all standouts, but a little left of center. Innovation with the right amount of attitude.

Much like rock n’ roll, the sales funnel has been pronounced dead any number of times. But also like rock n’ roll, the funnel lives on. No matter how many people try to say otherwise, the sales funnel is a tried-and-true method for mapping out strategies and revving up your sales engine. The funnel ain’t dead, man. Read on to meet the Monsters, learn about their rockin’ past, and why we tapped them to take the stage and rock your sales and marketing efforts like a hurricane.

Click here to get an exclusive VIDEO sneak peak of the Monsters of Funnel!

Check out the lineup:

Craig Rosenberg:
Co-Founder, TOPO
Founder, the funnelholic
Follow on: LinkedIn | Twitter
Craig is more than just “the man” when it comes to straight talk about the marketing funnel. He was weighing in on B2B marketing before it was cool, all the way back in 2008 when his blog looked like it was built on Geocities. Things have changed big time since those early days – Craig now enjoys somewhat of a split personality: a full time industry analyst by day, building an agile marketing research firm in TOPO, and operator of Funnelholic, the moniker and blog which continues to spew forth authenticity in hopes of bringing reality to the sales & marketing stage. Under either banner, no one brings more straight talk to the sales element of marketing. For this reason and more he was the natural choice to tap to talk about the “sales handoff” portion of the funnel.

Jon Miller:
CEO and Co-Founder, Engagio
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As Marketo’s founder and original mad scientist, Jon literally invented the buzzwords that you hear smart marketers framing their careers around. The concept of the funnel, its design, its science, and the constant search for analytical justification all started with Marketo’s Definitive Guides, which Jon’s strategies penned and passed on to become a staple in marketing best practices. At Jon’s new venture, Engagio, he tackles the one area that the science of Marketo never could answer. It’s that brand of pragmatism that has made Jon a literal no-brainer to join the Monsters of Funnel and discuss account-based marketing and the topic of sales qualification.

Jason Miller:
Senior Manager of Content & Social, LinkedIn
Follow on: LinkedIn | Twitter
Rock and roll, man. Jason’s attitude and background permeates his strategies around content marketing – and therefore due to the influence he’s garnered – your strategies around content marketing. As a rock and roll photographer Jason has some non-traditional views about content and its role in the funnel, which is great because the old way of doing things is dead. After literally writing the book on content and its role in the marketing funnel, he was kind enough to grace us with his presence to talk TOFU strategy and how to turn our own content up to 11!

Maria Pergolino:
Vice President of Marketing, Apptus
Follow on: LinkedIn | Twitter
As the third former Marketo employee to sit and jam with the Monsters of Funnel, Maria was someone we wanted to shake things up in this series, which she is absolutely great at. As the exec who took the Marketo vision and actually made it happen, Maria has built a marketing process literally coveted by every marketer we’ve spoken with – they want what Marketo had! She’s now gone on to lead the Apptus team, easily the most visible partner in the Salesforce.com ecosystem – and it’s by her hand that status has been garnered. We originally wanted to talk to Maria about late stage funnel, but as she often does she grabbed the mic and took over the stage. An area of the funnel we hadn’t originally expected to discuss turned out to be one of the most engaging and important points. When Maria talks about how to get your org to understand your funnel and really get behind your efforts – people listen. Don’t miss the insights she shares here – they are beyond critical.

Matt Heinz
President, Heinz Marketing
Follow on: LinkedIn | Twitter
One of the most engaging presenters in the game, Matt knows how to integrate sales process into the complex world of marketing and he does it seamlessly. As the President of Heinz Marketing he is designing and implementing best of breed sales and marketing process at cutting edge organizations – and doing it really well. When it came time to talk about the definition of a lead and marketing’s need for criteria in order to accept those leads there is no better resource to tap than someone with a rock n’ roll sales mentality.

Click here to get an exclusive VIDEO sneak peak of the Monsters of Funnel!

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