How to Create Unmissable Email Marketing

February 9, 2016 | Chad Koskie | No Comments |

Email marketing is a tough beast to tame. And, like everything in modern marketing, opinions are split on its efficiency.

Some are beginning to consider it an outdated form of outreach, while others push it to the point where they get more clicks on the unsubscribe button than anything else.

It’s no surprise that people aren’t always seeing the results they want and much of their trouble stems from one creeping misconception.

You must remember this…

The key to launching a supercharged email marketing program is understanding that people scan their emails instead of fully reading them.

So here’s challenge: you have to capture the attention of people looking for information who don’t want to wait to get it.

Let’s back up for a bit. Effective emails accomplish two things: they make it painfully obvious what the reader is supposed to do and they make that action something the reader wants to do.

Sounds simple enough, right? Take a look at your inbox. You’ll notice a pattern: tons of ugly text and wild visuals, all pulling the reader’s eye (and mind) in multiple directions. While the marketers think they’re providing enticing options to a prospect, what they’re really doing is overwhelming them and killing any chance of engagement.

Keep it clear.

Make simplicity your alpha and omega. Before you dive into creating the email, get up from your chair and take a walk. Give some serious thought to what action you want the recipient to take, then write it down.

As you form your email, keep that at the top of your mind. There should only be one and it should be crystal clear in the email, so that even even a quick glance reveals it.For instance, maybe you want the recipient to click a link that takes them to your latest killer eBook.

After identifying that action, you’ll want to think about an element that doesn’t get discussed enough: design. If your prospects see big blocky paragraphs of text, you’ve lost their attention. Be sure the link you’re hoping they’ll click stands out by packaging it in a bold, clear design so the request comes through loud and clear.

Bring value by the truckload!

Just as important is the value of your message. Remember, your recipients are besieged by a blizzard of marketing emails every day. To avoid the delete key, you’ve got to offer a compelling reason to open and read your email. You must provide a magnetic reason for readers to take the next step.

How do you know if your reason is powerful enough? Put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

Why should the recipient spend valuable time on your email? How does that email address his challenges in his day-to-day life? You have to meet prospects on their terms and speak to their interests in their language.

Do that and you’ll find a welcome home in their inboxes. But if you talk mostly about your fantastic company and your wonderful product, don’t be surprised when your email winds up in the trash.

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