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Using Marketo Interesting Moments in Your Lead Lifecycle

January 9, 2017 | Kim Para Allen | No Comments |

Start measuring engagement by looking at interesting moments.

Interesting moments give sales a better picture of engaged leads. By understanding valuable actions and trends that led to closed won deals in the past, you can help sales close more deals in the future.

Let’s look at a couple likely, but completely random scenarios:

  1. Someone has visited the Disney World website and downloaded travel guides multiple times in the past couple of days, showing interest in visiting “the World.”
  2. A couple just closed on a new house and is looking forward to spending time and money on furniture and tools.

Both examples are anticipating certain outcomes companies could use to sell based on recent behaviors. We’ll get back to these examples in a bit!

What’s an interesting moment?


An interesting moment is set up in Marketo and provides detail and value to the sales team (through Sales Insight).

We won’t spend too much time talking about the basics because Marketo has plenty documented about this, but here’s a quick overview. In your Marketo instance, you’ll notice a few out-of-the-box interesting moments: including form fills, web visits, email interactions, etc.

An interesting moment is a flow step you pull into smart campaigns which writes an extra line of information to a lead or contact’s activity. There are different types to choose from (email, milestone, web) and they can be customized.

How can I make interesting moments work for my company?

Let’s talk about how to make interesting moments work for you!

Here’s the tough part—thinking through valuable actions and trends that lead to closed won deals is ultimately what you want to pull in. You may have done some of the heavy lifting already with personas or lead scoring—that’s great!

This will be different for everyone!

  • blog_interesting_moments_2If your sales cycle is shorter, you may have a less conservative group of interesting moments than those with long sales cycles (e.g.: email interactions vs. attending a webinar).
  • Don’t limit yourself to munchkin tracked actions, think bigger—lead creation, lifecycle movement, event participation.
  • Remember what is already visible information to sales in the CRM, no need to repeat that here!

Thinking back to those examples from a minute ago…

  1. Sales reps in travel agencies, hotels, or tourist businesses would benefit from knowing about people considering trips to Disney in Orlando.
  2. Sales reps at furniture or home improvement companies would value knowing who’s just bought a new house.

These examples show value in interesting moments in allowing better targeting at the time of interest.

What do I need to get started with interesting moments?

  • Decide what interesting moments your company wants to use. Make this process dynamic and revisit what is and isn’t working.
  • As with many flow steps, it’s easy to get carried away, do double the work, and cause mass chaos. We recommend building these in one operational folder and making them global (this is possible with the use of tokens).
  • Train sales and get feedback! Although interesting moments show in the Sales Insight Widget and the Best Bets view, you can also pull these into SFDC reports! Be creative and make these jive with how your team is already working to add value.


It’s important not to go overboard on interesting moments because you want your sales team’s trust. These have to be truly interesting.

Start thinking engagement

Connect with your sales team and find out what makes for truly interesting moments. The more you help them, the more insights they’ll share with you, and wouldn’t that make for some interesting moments!

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