The Importance of Being Educational

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. The quote may be old, but the principle could not be timelier. Again, and again we’re reminded of how valuable a proper education is for people in the working world. But what do you do when there is no relevant coursework for your career track? What happens to a workforce stuck learning the basics while simultaneously trying to provide excellence in their job?

Like so many employees in the MarTech world, they wind up building the plane engine while trying to fly across an ocean. Marketing and communications are not new disciplines, with many higher education courses on these principles.  There are far fewer options when you look at Marketing Automation education or attempt to learn the latest technology that you, or your employer, does not already own.

With this challenge in mind, LeadMD built a custom talent accelerator platform, Marketemy. Meant revamp the training process and do a little good along the way.

Kids These Days

Many new workers are coming directly out of school with a four-year degree, but no practical experience to back up all that theory. Sure, you can read all about the importance of a multi-channel campaigning effort, but you cannot become an expert until you’ve actually logged in to the relevant software and started putting the pieces together yourself.

The truth of the matter is that the marketing stack cannot be learned without hands-on training. Marketemy bridges that gap, letting members learn by doing, and actually begin working in CRM and automation platforms as they connect theory to execution.

Out With The Old

Ask just about any Marketing Automation or Operations Manager and you’ll likely find they were trained on the job, with a company invested in the relevant software.

Most went through a tedious onboarding process involving stale videos (think: plenty of shoulder pads) and reading through endless handbooks, eBooks, and case studies to get them up to speed.  The real training doesn’t begin until they’ve been thrown into the system and the deep end, working feverishly to learn while keeping up with real-time needs.

Marketemy tosses out the musty-old onboarding process and puts the tech in the hands of the people. Using a combination of internal and external projects, Associates are able to get their hands dirty with data and learn about the “how” while they are discussing the “why” with their team. Sure, there are still some videos to review, but these are now paired with practical work, guided by a mentor.

Importance of Education Marketing Mentor

An Uncommon Objective

At the end of the day, we’re trying to do three things: develop uncommon marketing talents, provide exceptional service to our clients, and give a little back to the Marketing community.

It’s no surprise Marketing has an incredibly high turnover rate. Many marketers simply don’t know what they need to do to be truly successful, and companies don’t have a scaled education program to train them. The churn and burn rates continue to climb, forcing our industry to be stuck focusing on basic training, instead of innovation.

Engineers and developers have a plethora of boot camps to choose from – why should marketing be any different?  Marketemy closes this gap and though not every Associate will stay with LeadMD, they will go on to have a bright future in marketing.

We want to foster and develop the top marketing talent, the future CMOs of Fortune 500 companies, and discover the new frontier of marketing. Ambitious? Sure, but that’s always been our style.

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