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Marketing Orchestration at Work: How Zapproved Leveraged Engagio to Generate 5x Pipeline

July 13, 2017 | Heidi Bullock | No Comments |

In sports, soccer games aren’t won by any individual player. It takes every person on the team working together to win a championship. Business is no different.

In complex B2B environments, it takes collaboration and communication with cross-functional teams to drive outcomes. The entire organization shares responsibilities for the success of the business, including new business, renewals, up-sell/cross-sell, and advocacy.

This is Marketing Orchestration, and this is how the biggest deals are won. It’s a team sport, and to be successful, we need to operate that way.

Marketing orchestration is about providing a holistic view of each account, coordinating interactions across departments for every stage of the customer experience, and measuring results with an account-centric lens. It’s an ongoing and coordinated process that spans the entire customer journey, where all customer-facing teams participate in activities to drive the right business outcomes at key accounts. Those outcomes could be new business, customer renewal, up-sell/cross-sell goals, or customer advocacy goals.

Just as traditional companies used marketing automation to execute their demand gen strategies, today’s most innovative companies are using Marketing Orchestration to execute their Account Based Marketing strategies.

Here’s common marketing scenario: Let’s say you ran a successful webinar that generated late stage activity in valuable accounts. The Account Development team needs to follow-up. They may not act promptly – or the may act fast – but they send emails that aren’t relevant and targeted (think batch and blast), and the outreach is ignored. Either scenario is bad, and as a result you won’t get the return you should out of this webinar program.

Your team probably has aggressive goals around creating pipeline. They run effective programs that generate opportunities, but in some cases these opportunities stall out and never progress to the next stage. Most marketers don’t have the right level of visibility to spot slow-moving deals or the ability to act in a coordinated way with Sales to re-engage key opportunities that have gone dark.

This is where Marketing Orchestration comes in. It’s tailor-made for B2B marketers. It’s ideal teams that focus on high-value accounts – where by nature the deal cycle is complex and closing business is just downright hard. This is a job that Marketing Automation just can’t cut.

Marketing Orchestration programs should be:

  • Account-based, operationalized at scale
  • Team-based, increasing revenue team alignment (Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success)
  • Personal with the most valuable accounts
  • Relevant to the key contact in the account
  • Extended throughout the entire lifecycle of the account, from acquisition to advocacy

That’s how you run a highly successful Account Based Marketing program.


How Zapproved Leveraged Engagio’s Marketing Orchestration Platform to Generate 5x Pipeline

Zapproved is a booming startup in a narrow market selling to enterprise organizations in the Fortune 500 and Global 2000. Faced with the complexity of engaging these large accounts with limited resources, the company turned to Engagio to deploy omni-channel outreach and track and increase engagement at key accounts.

The demand generation team had historically not focused program efforts on assisting the outbound Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) or their Account Executives field efforts to penetrate specific high value, best-fit accounts.

Marketing, set out to build a complementary strategy that would concentrate marketing efforts where Sales needed them most, moving key accounts through the funnel faster. They gave ISRs air cover to ensure buyers began conversations with familiarity of the brand, and information about who in the buying unit is engaged. Marketing also provided more targeted, mid-funnel content that would directly impact these larger, complex deals.

With Engagio, Marketing was able to easily design workflows to improve the efficiency (and relevancy) of the sales team working in tandem with Marketing’s outbound efforts. They also linked account level data to contacts improved Zapproved’s database quality, setting up a path for success in lead scoring, reporting clarity, and reducing the amount of time spent by ISRs researching key contacts.

“With Engagio, we can tell at a glance if we’re reaching a critical mass of engagement
at the right accounts., allowing us to adjust, test, and keep fine-tuning the content and
campaign approach to be effective with the targets that matter.”
– Mitchell Hanson, Director of Marketing, Zapproved

The result? Zapproved recognized a 5X increase in their ABM pipeline growth from one quarter to the next, including a combination of new opportunities, resurrecting stalled opportunities, and influencing existing deals. The company expects nearly 36X pipeline to cost, and has achieved 3.5X ROI from their move to an account-based approach, powered by Engagio.

Zapproved can confidently say, “For every one dollar you give me towards [Account Based Marketing], I will give you back three!”

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