Do you ever find yourself staring blankly at the screen trying your darnedest to figure out why something is or isn’t happening in Marketo? We’ve all been there. We will all be there again.

The ability to troubleshoot is a handy skill. The frustrating (or to some, exciting) thing about solving a problem is that it’s always different; there’s no three step solution. But there is a process to follow to get to the most common problems quickly. Let’s talk about some skills to have ready next time you feel like you’re working on a jigsaw puzzle upside-down while working in Marketo:

What the …

“Why didn’t he receive the email?”, “Why did this value change?”, “Why do my emails have drafts?”, “What is this webinar registration error?”, “Why didn’t she qualify for this campaign?”

I’ve got this!

Although we’ve listed out a large range of questions to troubleshoot, there are some tried and true places to look, and some tactics that can help get you there quicker.

First, Check Your Lead Activity

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE place to dig around for bread crumbs!

  1. Here (“Affected” lead record > Activity Log tab) you’re provided with a comprehensive list of everything that has happened to that record. It’s sorted by time and date and you can also use the ‘Quick Find’ to help dig deeper into certain actions you are looking for. Spot-checking a few leads and looking for activity similarities is a great place to start.
  2. The right-hand column shows related campaigns in Marketo to help drive you to a potential campaign source.
  3. The Activity Details (ID) – Click into the ID to dive into details surrounding the activity. This is my favorite way to troubleshoot web tracking parameters and form fill values.
  4. Other things to look for: bounces, communication limits, suspension, merges or unsubscribes.

Campaign Results & Membership

As leads run through campaigns you should see the flow steps listed with the lead data in the Results tab. You should also see the number of members. This a great place for those “Did he qualify?” type questions.

Pro-tip: before running campaigns, check the Qualified Leads list first and make sure it’s pulling in the people you’re expecting!

  1. Leads getting “skipped” is something you’ll commonly see here. Mostly it’s a handful due to choices in the flow, but a large number is something to investigate!

Campaign Inspector & Campaign Queue

  1. The Campaign Inspector allows filtering of different types of campaigns and allows for a search that can pull in like- lists or flow criteria. If you are looking for every place a lead is scored or synced – this is a good one! Pesky, mysterious alerts? You can also find out all of your alert campaigns here.
  2. If you haven’t seen an email blast get sent or the alert come through, the Campaign Queue shows any “traffic jams” in campaigns as members process through flows.

Lastly, Admin Settings

API and communication limits, system notifications, audit trail, sync and integration statuses – these are all tools to help you solve questions.

Knowing where to go and some needles to look for in the haystack can be extremely advantageous to getting the problem solved and the questions answered. Still stumped? We’ve got a team of experts just waiting to help!