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Monsters of Funnel: Defining Your Universe (Marketing Accepted Leads)

How many times have you heard this phrase: sales and marketing alignment?

Probably more times than most any band has heard “Freebird!” yelled at their shows.

It’s a topic that almost every marketing blog and personality riffs on. But what does it really mean? How can marketing work efficiently to back up the sales band? In this excerpt from the Monsters of Funnel eBook, Matt Heinz (CEO of Heinz Marketing) talks about why it’s important to define your buyer universe:

If there’s one unfortunate trait many teams share, it’s turning inquiries into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) without the middle ground of Marketing Accepted Leads (MALs.) This is a primary reason so many companies fail at the rest of the funnel; they spend colossal portions of their budget on nurturing and selling to leads that will never be buyers.

The solution here is to define your buyer universe. At this stage it’s not about complex lead scoring, but defining an overall fit in broad strokes. Buyers should be divided into two buckets – YES or NO. Think of the MAL stage as St. Peter guarding the gates of Heaven. Leads that pass will enter and begin to consume divine content. Leads that don’t will be disqualified and routed to purgatory.

Forget about lead volume; the metric that matters here is sales pipeline contribution. MALs are the very foundation of sales and marketing alignment. Sales needs to know that marketing is efficiently weeding out dead-end leads while marketing needs to grasp that sales resources are limited and higher volume won’t equal higher returns. Tossing unqualified leads over the fence wastes the sales team’s time and erodes marketing’s credibility, which is why an effective MAL process is one of the most critical parts of the funnel.

This is just a small bit of Matt’s rockin’ insights into how your sales and marketing teams can work smarter, not harder when it comes to leads.

For much more, and to crank your sales funnel up to 11, click here to download the Monsters of Funnel eBook.

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