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Monsters of Funnel Reunite: This Time It’s Personal!

Justin Gray / August 17, 2017 / 0 Comments

Forget the current Guns N’ Roses “Not In This Lifetime” reunion tour. A more important rock group has reunited to release Monsters of Funnel III: Stack Freezes Over.

Two years ago, Monsters of Funnel was formed as a rotating group of marketing rock stars who know the best chords to strike when speaking about each stage of the sales funnel. So we decided to produce an eBook that would combine the elements of lead generation, digital awareness and straight up good marketing. We’ve based MOF lll on LeadMD’s updated Account Based Marketing framework, and each chapter is organized around a different tactic to drive success. Specifically for this eBook, we’ve served up the best ABM implementation how-to’s, but without the use of a topping over tech stackin fact, we’ve removed the tech altogether.

If you’re a fan of our previous Monsters of Funnel collaborations, you’ll find this one even more charged with valuable (and more importantly) actionable insight. This year, we’ve gone unplugged for a completely acoustic, tech-free set. We’ve spent the last two years stripping down marketing techniques to bring you a garage band-like simplicity and naturalness approach to making your current customers happier and creating better relationships with new, hyper-qualified leads.

Even at a time when technology is stronger than ever, we’re saying sack the tech stack, Jack! Each monster shares his or her favorite tactics to build a top-notch, direct-to-market Account-Based plan that requires no technology to accomplish. Zero! Zilch!

Are the Monsters of Funnel crazy? Yeah—like foxes.

Minding our Ps & Qs

For this tour, we’ve focused on our Ps and Qs: Personal over Precedent, Quality over Quantity.

The Players

Meet the whiz-bang lineup for Monsters of Funnel III. The 2017 tour lineup includes:

It’s time to turn the marketing level up to 11. Sign up here to download the eBook and join the thousands of others we expect will do the same to implement more actionable tactics to drive engagement, create happier customers, and save you and your team valuable time – and likely a bunch of wasted dollars.

Rock on!

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