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The Most Impactful Tips from the Biggest Marketing Minds of 2017

December 29, 2017 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

The marketing world moves fast. One minute you think you have a trend nailed, and then the rules suddenly change and you’re racing to get caught up. The consequence is such that marketing professionals often feel scattered, both frustrated by trends that act like moving targets and excited by their possibilities.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

As CEO of LeadMD, I have the pleasure to host the Marketing Evangelist Network – a video series where I interview the best of the best B2B marketing and sales leaders who share their strategies, tactics and dole out advice. They help guide our focus and help us know which shiny objects to ignore.

Marketing changes daily, luckily Marketing Evangelist Network sets that pace. As we look forward to 2018, here are a few of the top trends we learned from this year’s guests to help transform your marketing mindset:

Account Based Everything

Episode 59 featured Charlie Liang, Director of Marketing at Engagio, a software out of San Francisco. Engagio is a key player in the account-based everything movement and official LeadMD partner. Digital marketing is facing a huge transition as leaders reevaluate demand gen principles, and push for a quality over quantity message under the umbrella of ABM.  Charlie explained how else AMB is affecting the digital marketing space and how it’s different from traditional demand gen. He also shared successful strategies you can adopt from an ABM implementation. Watch the whole episode here.

B2B Relationship Building

Tamara McCleary is a sought after speaker and CEO of Thulium, a brand amplification company specializing in B2B social media account based marketing. When Tamara speaks, the whole industry listens. In episode 67, I asked her how to become a successful B2B relationship builder, how to master social selling, and how the tech revolution is impacting how brands approach marketing. Tamara also shared why people are craving a more human touch in marketing. Watch here. 


Scott Brinker is the editor of chiefmartec.com, program chair of the renowned MarTech conference and co-founder and CTO of ion interactive. I knew if we were going to chat about the intersection of marketing and technology, Scott would be our guy. He joined me back in May to discuss the explosion of martech tools, the state of the marketing tech stack and how cloud integration tools are conquering challenges and turning technology capabilities into better outcomes for marketers and businesses. Watch Episode 63 here. 

Influencer Marketing

Lee Odden needs no introduction, but what the heck – he’s an author, speaker and CEO at TopRank Marketing. This fall we dove into the myths and truths of influencer marketing, good content strategy, and how to stand out in B2B communications. Lee also weighed in on the great debate – gated vs ungated content – and why he thinks Facebook is the greatest B2B marketing tool. Watch the entire episode here. 

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Episode 61 featured Andy Paul, founder of Zero-Time Selling, Inc., and host of the top-rated sales podcast, Accelerate! I asked Andy for his thoughts on sales and marketing alignment and how it relates to an account-based approach. He also shared what he views as sales role in customer success, what people should look for to hire the best sales team and how salespeople can differentiate themselves. Watch the episode here, and be sure to subscribe to his podcast, too.


There’s an art and science to SEO, which is why I turned to Stephan Spencer to break things down. He’s the coauthor of The Art of SEO, Social eCommerce and author of Google Power Search and founder of Science of SEO. Stephan does a great job making SEO digestible to content marketers who may not be experts, but need to know enough to be dangerous. During our conversation, Stephan broke down the biggest obstacles marketers are facing in the race to be relevant and get found, what drives content consumption and what that means from an SEO standpoint. Watch Episode 69 here.

Social Sharing

Mark Schaefer is the man behind the top marketing blog, {grow}. He’s a globally-recognized blogger, speaker, educator, consultant and author. Our conversation back in May covered a range of topics, including why leaders need to do a better job asking questions about where we’re spending our marketing dollars. But he’s also very passionate about social sharing, calling it the most important digital marketing metric out today. Watch here. 

Predictive Marketing

This summer Tony Yang, who was at the time the VP of Predictive Data and Marketing Ops at Mintigo (now with Conversion Logic), joined me to discuss the importance of data for marketers. Circling back to AMB, he painted a picture of comprehensive ABM and how leaders could better determine their business’ AMB journey. He also called out challenges and strengths of predictive marketing and how to best evaluate your tech stack. This type of marketing is also touched on by BVFS and Maine Marketing Association. Tony also touched upon a topic I feel strongly about, which is how marketing has moved from a lead generation role into one that helps a business move forward and succeed. Watch the entire episode here. 

Check out more of our Marketing Evangelist Network videos here and comment below if there are any topics you’d like us to hit in 2018!

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