The Winning Recipe for the Perfect “Thank You” Page

It’s time to shake up how we think about saying “thank you,” and not in the merely the message, but as a marketing tactic.

The majority of marketers use a “thank page” as a single call to action (CTA) to download something or just say thank you to a subscriber, but at the end of the day, the thank you page is still a step in the overall journey of your user’s, so you might as well make that step worth it to both you and them.

Here are a few tip & tricks we use with our clients to turn that simple “thank you” into another point of conversion:

Define the Next Step

Decide how you want your contact to proceed after completing a form on the landing page and make that next step highly visible to them. Consider the following to help guide that next step:

  • Will they download something? If so what is it?
  • Will they register for something else?
  • Can they read supporting documentation?
  • Or something else entirely?

Ultimately, you want to ensure there is a next opportunity to move along the buyer (or customer) journey. Aside from the standard “download now” button, here are a few other supporting CTAs you can leverage on your TY pages:

  • Educational or How-To Content
  • Product Help Manuals
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • Setup or Onboarding Documentation
  • Link to Application or New Experience
  • Customer Testimonial or Success Story
  • Additional Products or Services
  • Other Popular/Related Content or Products

Visualize the Next Step

Whatever that next step in their journey is, make sure it’s visualized with a bold CTA (call-to-action), descriptive text, and any additional confirmation details like locations, times, and contacts so they follow those directions correctly.

If a CTA is indeed needed, make sure it has great contrast on the page, falls above the fold on the desktop, and above the scroll/slide on mobile.

Consider Capturing More Insights

There is no guarantee someone will fill out another form after completing the first one, but adding additional questions or areas to acquire more insights around your conversions is another potential option:

Ask 1-2 more NPS related questions such as:

  • How are you liking your product(s)/services(s) so far? 1-10
  • Why did you give it that rating?

Ask 3-4 more personal questions to better understand your buyers:

  • How did you hear about our product/service?
  • How long have you been looking for x-solution?
  • What do you hope will occur based on frequent use of this product?
  • Are there any questions you have?

Or ask questions that will help you determine where you might have them fall into your nurture strategy, you can do this by linking to your existing preference center or adding in preference options right on the page.

Capture Testimonials

Aside from sharing testimonials, see if they’d be interested in opting in to sharing their story, or being interviewed for market research.

This can enable a brand new connection to become a roaring fan and eventually an advocate. It can also be another way for you to understand, first hand, how your customers are using and enjoying your product or services.

Social Sharing & Forward to a Friend

Adding social sharing widgets and forward to a friend right on the TY page helps keep the word spread to friends, family, and colleagues.

To Auto-Respond or Not

If you’re expecting the contact to do anything like; attend an event, call someone, or even download something, then sending an auto-responder with the TY page helps serve as a double check. This way if they lose important details on their page, they still have it in their inbox.

This might be the first time you also have a marketing email go out to them, so this can help you verify email addresses, and allow them to double opt into communications, and provide them with additional channels where they can engage such as social media or a knowledge base.

The Bottom Line to saying Thank You!

It’s so much more than merely saying “thank you,” don’t treat it like it’s the end of a journey. If you always put the customer experience first by thinking of additional value that you can provide after each conversion, every “thank you” will result in deeper engagement and stronger relationships in the long-term.

Additional Helpful Examples & Resources

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