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Down to the Wire: Repurposing Content This Holiday Season

December 21, 2017 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

You’re familiar with the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder,” right?

Our Marketing Maturity Report found organizations across all industries now fully grasp the importance of content. This year, 32% content marketers reported delivering content at least daily, if not hourly. That output is impressive, but good content is still few and far between.

As we close out the year, let’s take a moment to remember what content marketing really comes down to: quality, not quantity.

Buckling under the pressure of producing hundreds of pieces of social fodder, marketers’ fresh and valuable content can at times begin to give way to so-so content. During particularly hectic weeks, rushing content can lead to filler pieces that serve little more than checking a box on your to-do list.

Trust us—your customers can sense a tired piece from a mile away. All the while, you could have been relying on one crucial tool to save you time, stress, and wasted word counts: content repurposing. By taking your best work and repurposing the heck out of it, you save yourself from the hassle of bringing life to a topic that has long since passed. We’re so passionate about it, we just did a webinar!

Fuel Your Holiday Marketing

If you’re winding down the year and searching for ways to finish your content game strong, check out these Content Repurposing recommendations:

Track, Repurpose, Repeat

In the final stretch of December, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel or more likely, just don’t have the time. When it comes to repurposing content, you’ve got to start with the year’s highs and lows.

Some may think prediction and recap posts are cliche, but that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Track your most popular posts, identify industry trends, hook into stories and—here’s the most important part—give them a whole new spin. At the same time, check your metrics and identify posts that were important, but simply didn’t make a splash with your audience. This is your last chance of the year to breathe new life into key data or information they need going into 2018.

Fill in missing gaps

By now, we’ve all heard that buyers need to hear your message seven times before they’ll even consider closing a deal on your product or service. That begs the question, what messages do you need to drive home? Don’t guess. Talk to your sales department. Are there angles to your message that have been slow to stick? Pull up prior content on those topics and refresh them in a new format with added insights. Don’t forget pain points. A lot of people spend the end of Q4 mulling over what went well and what didn’t. Repurposing content right now can be the final push certain buyers may need to act.

Think like a designer

This time of year, you know what buyers don’t have a lot of? Time. Don’t even think about drafting a 2,000 word blog post that introduces an entirely new topic. No one has time for that! Instead, repurpose key data, best practices, and important milestones—each of which would be terrific as infographics and social cards.

Also, chat with your sales team and find out which presentations and sales materials were most helpful in their meetings. That’ll be a good clue as to what would be worthy of a design feature this holiday season. Then share these designs across your social channels, contributed content and on your website.

Get a little help from your friends

There are so many brilliant folks in marketing (shout out to the Monsters of Funnel); take this opportunity to round up some of their top insights from throughout the year. On the blog, round up standout advice from interviews or guests posts. Take it up a notch and chat with your production team to create an end-of-year podcast with snippets of past interviews with these top industry folks and colleagues.

On the social side, it never hurts to just say “thanks”. Jump on your social channels and shout out your partners, clients, vendors and inspiring peeps for their support this year. Just because the year is winding down, doesn’t mean engagement has to take a nosedive.

Sharing is caring

Here’s the deal. If you deemed a subject worthy enough to flesh out in one medium this year, but then neglected repurposing that message out across multiple channels, it was a huge disservice to you and your customers. Don’t forget, one buyer might catch up on industry news by listening to podcasts on the way into work while another might scroll through blogs during their lunch break. If there’s one content lesson to remember from 2017, it’s that the customer doesn’t come to the content—the content should meet the customer where they are. Spread the love.

In the final push of 2017, work smarter, not harder. Repurpose your best content, share across all your channels, and concentrate on providing value. Keep these lessons in mind for 2018. If you’re feeling like you need a little help, check out the Six Bricks course on content repurposing here.

We’ll be looking forward to what goods you have to share in the year ahead!

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