Marketing Automation: Shouldn't it Make Your Life Easier?

December 6, 2016 | Brian Driggs | No Comments |

Imagine you’re buying a new TV. You’ve done your homework and found exactly what you want. It’s big, it’s bad, it has all the bells and whistles, and it’s got hundreds of 5-star reviews. It’s the best you can get for your money.

About a week later, a friendly guy in a big truck delivers it to your door. Excited, you bring it inside and quickly replace the old TV. You put batteries in the remote and turn it on. (This is gonna be awesome.)

You’re a pro.

The screen comes to life and begins playing a demo reel showing you all the things your amazing new TV can do. Five minutes later, you’re trying to switch to the DVR box so you can see how West World looks on this thing. Wow. Look at all those options and custom settings now at your fingertips. But where’s the DVR?

20 minutes later, you’re a pro at finding the settings menu. You know where to calibrate the picture and fine tune the sound, where to set up parental controls, where to find the manufacturer’s custom apps—but where’s the damn DVR?

You might be onto something.

An hour later, you’re reading a how-to post on some home theater forum you’ve never heard of and think you might be onto something. You turn the TV back on, ready to finally get this thing sorted out so you can watch West World. And now it’s making you watch that demo reel again.

This TV looked awesome “on paper,” but in the real world, it’s a high definition pain in the ass. You just want to watch your shows, but every time you turn it on you have to solve some new problem. What was one of the most exciting investments you’ve made in years is now one of the most frustrating disappointments.

Why did you even buy this thing, right?

All you wanted was a nice, new TV so you could get more enjoyment from your favorite TV shows. The special features were supposed to complement your experience—not complicate it. You’d probably want to get your money back, wouldn’t you?

Marketing First

As marketers, our first priority is helping people see how our product or service can make their lives easier. We know who our best customers are (who we can help the most), and we know what information we need to share with them to start conversations around features and benefits.

It’s critical that, when considering any kind of marketing automation technology, you remember that marketing comes first—not some shiny new tool. You wouldn’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on a TV that complicated your TV watching experience, and you don’t want to drop tens of thousands of dollars on marketing technology that complicates your marketing efforts.

Make your life easier

Don’t spend another day googling around for help making your expensive technology “solution” do what you bought it to do in the first place. Marketing automation is supposed to make your life easier. The only way that happens is when you put marketing first.

If you’ve just made—or are about to make—one of the most exciting investments you’ve made in years, please get in touch. Reinforcements are standing by, ready to make your marketing life easier.

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