"Spring Cleaning" Your Marketing Automation System

June 18, 2014 | Justin Gray | No Comments |

Anyone who knows me knows about my charming (yet sometimes well-suppressed) over-appreciation for cleanliness. Ok fine, we’ll call it a neurosis. Really, I’m ok with it. The years of therapy have helped.

So, this topic is really near and dear to my heart and is one that I’m utterly passionate about…keeping your Marketing Automation system clean. Now, let’s begin by defining the two kinds of cleaners in this world – those who can let the dishes pile up until the kitchen starts to smell and there are no clean dishes left (we’ll call them the sprinters) and those who keep up with the dishes on a daily basis (we’ll call us the marathoners).

Sprinters, this is really for you, but marathoners, you’ll appreciate the tips and tricks here, too!

I’d actually recommend a quarterly cleanup, but since it’s springtime (yay!), I’m going to give you a few pointers on how to tidy up your instance.

1) Make sure last year’s programs are all filed away and you’ve started a new folder. Obviously you’re already following a great foldering structure – you know, the kind that goes something like this: 2015 Marketing Programs > Events > Webinars > {really well named webinar program that includes month and short description}. Doing this will really help you eliminate clutter in your Marketing Activities tab.

2) Archive! Done with all your reporting for year end? Archive your old programs, assets, images, etc. Just like the first point, it will clear out old clutter.

3) Please, for the love of God, clean out your smart lists. We’re all super guilty of this – we make a “quick smart list to check on that,” and next thing you know you’ve got dozens, or even hundreds, of random, old unused smart lists. You wanna talk about clutter? Oy…this is clutter. Here’s a little hint – on the “home tab” of a smart list, there’s a mini tab in the middle that says “used by.” Take a quick peek there to make sure it’s really not being actively used anywhere, and then get rid of that space-taker-upper.

4) Say good riddance to unengaged leads! You can decide if you want to remove them entirely from your database or not, but run a smart list (haha, look at that, we’re already contributing to this year’s stockpile of smart lists!) to look for anyone who hasn’t engaged in any email, program or your website in the past year. No need to hang on to those old leads, and it’s natural for there to be about a 30 percent churn in your database every year. Just focus your attention on replacing them with fresh, qualified leads!

5) Dust off your lead scoring. Again, probably something you should be doing more frequently than once a year, but you’d be amazed how much fine-tuning your scoring will need. What you thought was a super valuable industry last year may not be so interesting to you anymore, so make sure you’re looking at your entire lead scoring strategy and identifying what needs to be adjusted, what needs to be added, and what needs to be removed.

You may discover a few other areas that need your attention during this clean up, but this should be enough to get you started! Good luck!

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