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Til Death Do Us Part – PR and Marketing Tie the Knot

As a complement to my recent presentation at #InboundPHX (could this be an integrated marketing campaign?!?!), I wanted to write a blog post for all those Inbound marketers that aren’t fortunate enough to live in Phoenix. I presented with the wonderful Jennifer Jewett of Ubiquity PR.  Our topic is the same as this blog post (synergy!) – the marriage between PR and marketing and why it’s so important for an effective marketing strategy. Here were the highlights:

1.  Define Your Audience

“How am I going to communicate with these people and get them to buy my stuff?”  Our response to this is simple, “Don’t do that!” Our first slides broke the sad truth to people – the media doesn’t care about your story and, guess what, neither does the buyer. So focus on the “these people” part of your question. Who are those people? What do they reference (i.e. read or watch) to influence purchase decisions? Who do they talk to about those decisions?

Tweetable Tweet:  Remember, your buyers are also the media’s buyers – don’t bore them!

2.  Map Content to Buying Stages

Now that we know WHO, we need to understand what content we can push out to “these people” and when.  It’s been talked about too much, but bears repeating… in order to get to top of the funnel people, they need to think you’re a thought leader. Middle funnel content should be micro and talk about the specific area your buyer has pain around. And bottom of the funnel should sell baby, sell.

3.  Game-Plan your Thought Leadership

So, game-plan your thought leadership. This could be done through content syndication, creating your own outlet for the info (a la a sponsored news aggregation site) or going big, like LeadMD’s navigate – which is literally a platform we designed to educate people on marketing automation and marketing concepts generally. PR is instrumental in this area, because media contacts can be leveraged to help develop this and/or promote it once it’s launched.

4.  Strategic Distribution

Ok, so we know who we’re targeting, when and with what.  Now, it’s all about aligning those elements to distribution channels. Does Sally Simple like the facts and need them early in her buying cycle? Well, let’s make sure they’re easily found on the page that Sally’s favorite review site pushes people to. And hey, maybe our PR team meanwhile is buttering up Sally’s favorite influencer on Twitter and LinkedIn so that when our latest, “Why you should pick us!” white paper comes out, Sally’s influencer is recommending us and it coincides nicely with her movement into the bottom of the funnel.

5.  Operationalize This Jazz

That all sounds great – right? Right. But how do we actually DO this?! It’s all about taking a plan and breaking it up into the many pieces that need to be put into place to make it happen. Tools like Kapost (content workflow management) can help take all existing content and organize it by the “who” and the “when” so you can see where gaps exist. Then we utilize Kapost to workflow all of our master plans from ideation through execution and distribution. Best yet, we can use this platform to…

6.  Report, Optimize, Repeat/Drop

Through Kapost, we’re able to see what’s working and what’s not. Because it’s tied directly into Marketo, we can see how many new leads different pieces of content have generated and what they’ve led to in terms of sales. We can also monitor what our interactions with influencers in our space is leading to in terms of click-throughs, and with Marketo, lead creation and closed won deals.

There you have it – why PR and marketing are joined at the hip from here on out!

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