Achieve Oneness: What's Your Marketing Mantra?

April 22, 2015 | Chad Koskie | No Comments |

Well – Marketo Summit has come and gone, and I must admit, I was inspired! Not only did the keynote speakers inspire me, my fellow marketers equally inspired me! It was impossible to miss the energy and excitement of brilliant minds sharing their creative ideas and passion for their product.

Let’s face it, it takes humility to learn, ask questions, and adjust your tactics based on feedback from your fellow marketers!  Nevertheless, without a slice of humble pie, and the willingness to share our own success and failures, how would any of us get better? We wouldn’t!

From one marketer to another, here are three (of many) personal tried and true “rules” that make up my marketing mantra…

Only market for a company that offers a product / service that you are passionate about and believe in 100% – I know that sounds impossible, but it’s not! You may not always love everything about the company or people you are working with because that is the ebbs and flows of life. In my experience, marketing success is achieved when you are passionate and believe in who and what you are marketing. Literally, you project your passion and excitement (or lack there of) in everything you create; your sentiments are heard loud and clear! Another way to look at it – You probably won’t go out of your way to find new creative ways to generate business if you believe your company will just drop the ball and make “you” look like a liar with your marketing efforts.

It’s all about relationships. Yes, even in the digital world, it is STILL about relationships. Certainly, the way we spark new relationships, feed those relationships, and maintain relationships have changed; the golden rule still applies: “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” Really, to me it is that simple! I would also like to add that “technology” makes it so much easier to follow through, stay on task, and communicate quickly. Stop using the excuse that a phone call or meeting is the only way to build a relationship. The truth is, relationships grow with phone calls, meetings, emails, texts, social media connections, collaboration, and partnering. In fact, I follow up all of my phone calls with a LinkedIn connection request to help us get to know each other faster and to help us stay connected.

Don’t look for an “Angle.” All marketers want that “Cabbage Patch” moment – you know, that magical moment where it appears that your branding, tagline, imagery, or copy makes your product turn into gold overnight. The truth is, there isn’t an “angle!” Just be genuine, try something new, think out of the box, do something your competitors are NOT doing, and do it mindfully with purpose and you will see your numbers climb. The “Cabbage Patch” moment has to do with timing, influencers, trends, media attention, and timing. You cannot “angle” your way into those moments; you can only project the right sentiments, plan mindfully, and build authentic relationships to reach incremental goals. I have not had a “Cabbage Patch” moment, but I can say that my marketing efforts have yielded a shit ton of money for many companies – and they were all companies that deserved it!

So, if you have read this far then you are probably someone that has a similar mantra to mine. So, what is my call to action? Do I believe 100% in my company and the services we offer? Do I have an “angle?” – I will let you decide, and I know marketers are not afraid to give their opinion!

LeadMD is a marketing automation agency.

Translation: We are a team of certified Marketo experts that help companies do one or all of three things (and not necessarily in this order) 1. Incorporate/launch Marketo, 2. Maximize the features of Marketo, and/or 3. Customize/integrate Marketo to go to the next level.

Why should you work with LeadMD?

You shouldn’t – well, not until you do a benchmark (dictionary.com definition below). A benchmark will identify where you are flourishing and reveal the places your organization needs some focus.

Benchmark [bench-mahrk]
Definition courtesy of Dictionary.com


  1. 1. a standard of excellence, achievement, etc., against which similar things must be measured or judged
  2. 2. Surveying. Usually, bench mark. a marked point of known or assumed elevation from which other elevations may be established.


  1. 1. to test (something) in order to develop a standard>
  2. 2. to measure (something) against a standard

Why should you get a benchmark from LeadMD?

Summarizing the definition above, a benchmark is a measurement against a standard. We have worked with OVER 2,400 MARKETO CUSTOMERS, and all have started with a benchmark – that’s a ton of data to compare your company against! We do not charge for a benchmark for three reasons. We want to provide hyper-value to you before you are even a client. We want to give you an accurate scope of work (not a guess) if you would like our help. Lastly, the more benchmarks we do the better we can standardize the measurement. So really, we are helping you identify areas to improve, and you are contributing to the data that sets the standard for more Marketo Marketers. Everybody Wins!

Ready to get your benchmark and HELP marketers all over the world? Let’s do it!

What’s your “marketing mantra?” Tell us in the comments…

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