What’s a Email Preference Center (& Why You Should Care)

December 7, 2016 | Kim Para Allen | No Comments |

“Medium, skim latte with one pump of gingerbread syrup, please.”

I frequent coffee shops (I’m not talking Lorelai and Rory level, but pretty close), and I hear some interesting orders. I’m not poking too much fun here because I know what I like and sometimes I do it as well; like the order above—I’m a big fan. Ordering coffee is a perfect example of personal preference.

Everyone has preferences

The thing is, everyone likes and dislikes aspects of everything and everyone in their lives. Everyone has preferences. Without preferences–and the ability to select them—let’s face it, the world would just be boring.

Sometimes it’s easy to think to yourself, “I wish this store only had the things I like… maybe only polka dots, or only Georgia Tech gear (go Jackets), or only kitchen tools.” Why? We’re busy—it’s easy to get distracted and feel overwhelmed. Same goes for communications, mainly emails.

Ok. I go shopping and get emails. What’s the point?

As the Spice Girls put it so well, “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.” We only want to get relevant email communications and we, likewise, only want our clients/leads/contacts to have the same experience. (Drum roll please…)

Preference Centers!

What’s a preference center? A preference center (aka: subscription centers) is a landing page where you tell a company what kinds of communications you want to receive from them. It’s usually linked from the footer of emails—next to the unsubscribe link.

This page allows the visitor to toggle on and off different preferences. Opting in is fun and all, but people like to have choices and the ability to customize them.

Hmmmm maybe I need one of those…

Yes, you do! We always want to be able to specify our interest levels and avoid a spam-filled inbox. Your prospects and customers deserve this as well. Yes, there is always a risk someone will bypass your subscription options and click the “Unsubscribe all” button. But overall, preference centers provide you with:

  • Happier customers and prospects – a better user experience
  • More valuable interactions – they get what they actually wanted
  • Fewer unsubscribes – one email a month beats no emails ever

Make it fun!

It doesn’t have to—and shouldn’t—be a drab background with checkboxes and text—make it fun! Get creative! This is another opportunity to let your brand shine. Get people excited!

Get a move on it!

There’s no better time than now. Like most of marketing automation efforts, it isn’t going to just happen (as you’ve hopefully now learned). But once you’ve done the heavy lifting on the front end setting up your preference centers, you’ll just need to monitor them and make adjustments as business changes call for them.

That being said, we can help! So grab a coffee and stay tuned for our next post on building a user-friendly preference center!

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