Why are you sleeping, (unengaged lead) fishy??!

Ah, yes, Darla. Who can forget her crazed eyes, pigtails, headgear and vigorous insistance that poor little Nemo wake up?

I think Darla really did have good intentions, though – she so desperately wanted her little fishy to respond to her, to wake up and show her his special-finned love. But she went about it all wrong.

She should have said something like “Hey, little fishy mate, I’d really like for you to wake up and play and interact with me. Is that something you’d like? I have a lot to offer you but if you’re not interested, please just let me know and I’ll stop shaking the daylights out of your little plastic bag.”

If Darla grows up to be a marketer, she’ll need to remember the polite way to go about trying to get her beloved fishy to respond – and that, my friend, is a re-engagement campaign in the big bad world of marketing automation.

It looks something like this:

You notice that your leads have slowly stopped engaging with your emails and other marketing programs. A little bit of panic and insecurity sets in. Is it me? Don’t they love me? Did I do something wrong?

So, as any reasonable human would do in the face of potential rejection, we put the communication into overdrive. We send email after email desperately trying to find the golden ticket that will reinvigorate our database.

Sound familiar?

Here’s what I recommend you do. Send out an email saying, “Hey there, little fishy, we noticed it’s been a while since we’ve heard from you. We don’t want to pester you, so we’re going to opt you out on your behalf. If that’s not what you want, click here. Otherwise, it’s been nice knowing you.”

What’s going to happen? Either you’ll get a lot of responses from people who still want to receive your material and really don’t want to be excluded from your emails, or you’ll get a lot of people who won’t protest you unsubscribing them. And you know what? It’s okay! Stop channeling your inner Darla and let them go. An uninterested lead is not a lead. Just make sure that you find ways to continually replenish your database with fresh, new leads who remain engaged, and make your re-engagement campaign an annual tradition. Because, hey, there are plenty of fish in the sea, right? (you know I had to throw that in there…)


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