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Why You Need a Copywriter, Not Just a Marketer Who Can Write

August 18, 2016 | Chad Koskie | No Comments |

Marketers are a creative bunch. Most can write. But there’s more to crafting great copy than just being able to write, or having a natural talent.

Natural talent is great, but just because you can shred the guitar doesn’t mean you’ll write the next Stairway to Heaven.

Writing is complex. And just because you can string some snappy headlines together doesn’t mean that you have what it takes to convert. Don’t believe me? Here are 3 reasons to have a copywriter write your copy.

Connecting with your target market

Here’s something that’s not so secret: your prospects want you to connect with them. There’s still so much dull content out there in B2B. We’ve all seen it: dry data sheets, boring whitepapers. It’s the worst.

So, it begs to ask the question, “What do your prospects absolutely not want to see?” The answer: to hear the same old marketing pitch that, while sound alright, ultimately leaves them feeling misled and alienated.

What do you need, instead? You need punchy, entertaining copy that grabs attention and generates interest. The stakes are high, because everyone is drowning in a deluge of marketing content. We know what your inbox looks like, because ours looks the same way.

How a copywriter helps:

While you probably think a copywriter is off daydreaming about the book they plan to write one day, a GREAT copywriter can come in to help make those precious connection with your prospects through keen social media planning and personalized content.

In addition, a professional pen to paper kinda guy (or gal) will have the ability to write for any social media platforms, helping you spread your message extensively, and in ways that will make your reader feel connected to you and your business.

Sending the right message (effectively)

Letting your readers receive a message that is as clear as dirty dishwater is something your brand and image cannot afford.

Ambiguity and inconsistency have no place in copywriting, which is why you need an expert to provide clear and cohesive messaging.

How a copywriter helps:

Sending a strong brand message through your copy is the bloodline to your business. A good writer possesses the ability to take your vision and convey it to your target audience perfectly through any form of content whether it’s microcopy in an email, a copy-dense eBook or a pitch deck. Weaving in your brand strategy and core business tenants into your messaging is right up a great copywriters ally.

A note on persuasion:

Consider this: Consumers’ average attention span is now 8 seconds – 1 second less than a goldfish.(source). This is a full 4 seconds shorter than it was in the heady days of 2000.

How a copywriter helps:

Convincing and persuasive copy is the key to grabbing attention. Only then can you think of conversion rates.

Any copywriter worth their salt brings proven frameworks and strategies to hook your prospects and reel ’em in through cohesive messaging and a call to action that screams CLICK ME.

Besides triggering the right emotions, they can make customers believe and trust you. They can tackle your project from a variety of unique angles and craft an influential and compelling message to perfection.

There you have it my friend. Don’t just rely on a marketer. Instead, pull in a copywriter.

Let them sharpen their pencils and get to work on spreading your word. You’re be thankful that you did.

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