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Andrea Lechner-Becker

Your Next Email, Starring You!

Andrea Lechner-Becker / February 11, 2015 / 0 Comments

When was the last time you actually talked with a bunch of customers? I mean, like with your face? Or if you have a better face for radio, then someone else’s face from within your organization?

Surprisingly, people want to see your face in your emails. Yes, really. According to eMarketer, approximately half of marketers who use video in email campaigns see an increase in click-through rates, time spent reading the email, and sharing and forwarding. And according to this infographic from Switch Video, 39% of executives have called a vendor after seeing an online video. That’s not bad.

The beauty of using videos in your email is that they have so many uses. Holidays. Big announcements. Product demos. Customers’ birthdays or anniversary greetings.

Any of these are great excuses to wow your customers with video, but a clever marketer like you can probably think of some other occasions too.

I mean, consider these benefits to using video:

  • They personalize your brand and put a face on the customer experience. People like that. It’s hard to feel an emotional connection with a faceless company.
  • It breaks up the monotony of text-and-image emails. If leads and customers know to expect something different, their interest will be piqued. Go ahead and keep them on their toes by mixing it up.
  • Video speaks to people’s aural and visual learning preferences. Some people are affected more deeply by content they can see and hear rather than read; instead of excluding all of those potential leads, you can cater to their preferences.

But don’t run out and ask the person next to you to record a quick video on their iPhone – not yet. You’ll want to read through these best practices first.

Look like you did it on purpose. In other words, your videos are just as much an extension of your brand as your email design or any other marketing material. They should look polished, professional and branded – not something you filmed on a whim in the hall.

Don’t pursue video without strategy behind it. You can’t just film something random and expect it to gain traction with your audience. Develop videos based on your buyer personas. Once you develop a video, don’t just have a random person watch it and give you the thumb’s up: Base its success on real metrics. Integrate those metrics with Salesforce and Marketo. Video is a real piece of content, so treat it like one.

Keep it short. About three minutes is the most people can handle. If you find you’re running long, think about making it a series instead. You can always test to find your real sweet spot, using something like Vidyard to make sure your videos are working.

Be relevant, creative and not lame. You want your videos to be liked and shared because they’re awesome and helpful, not because people laugh at them and want others to share in the mockery. Your use of video should be just as strategic as any other asset you create. So have fun and be original and creative…to a point.

Have a landing page with the video.  Switch Video has done some really interesting work about the best way to use video in your email, including using “video” in the subject of emails. There’s also a huge difference on return on embedding versus including clickable images. Regardless of the way you go (they recommend the image approach to minimize clicks), you should incorporate a landing page that also has the video on it. Why? Because studies show that some people who watch email videos don’t watch all the way, so they may never see the call to action at the end. Drive them to a landing page to watch it, and make sure the page provides extra coverage of your CTA.

Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s going to make you into an email marketing star.


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