Diary Of A Leaky Flowing Funnel


Dear Diary,
I can’t believe it. Sales are up, prospects are converting at a higher rate and we’ve even seen new sales come in from people who have been in our funnel for six months!

Ever since we mapped out a non-linear funnel and put our marketing automation in place, we’re seeing higher quality leads come in and our sales team is thrilled to be focusing more on building relationships than educating prospects about our simplest features. It wasn’t easy, but we’re already seeing the ROI – it was definitely worth it! As we discussed in part one , marketers who still think of the funnel as a means of moving leads from A to B are missing out. In our multichannel world, it’s time to step back and see the bigger picture—that picture being a non-linear, expansive world of relationship-building opportunities.

The fact is, your leads and prospects encounter and even engage with your brand in a completely non-linear way. Social media, review sites, peer recommendations and even media coverage all affect people’s perception of your company, products and services. If your funnel is a straight line, you’re ignoring customer behavior—at the peril of your bottom line.

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